Documentary shows off APM of professional Starcraft players

A documentary called "The Hax Life" includes a clip where players talk about their APM speed.

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Raypture3083d ago

Indeed, starcraft is one of those games that take lots of dedication though, sort of like touhou if you've ever played it you'd know its insanely difficult to beat the game on EASY due to a big learning curve then you have to work on grazing better and knowing when to bomb and not to, and memorizing a lot of spellcards.

moe843083d ago

Watching the pros competitively play an RTS like WC3 and SC:BW/2 just prove that console "pros" aren't shit(in comparison). True, they're good at what they do and I guess that's all that matters. But when you look at RTS pros, their APM, or better yet just watch them play... it's almost sickening. Most people(console pros too) would be nauseous after watching them play in person for more than 20 or 30 minutes. The constant screen movement, jumping around or just watch their hands work.. gg.
Being able to micro multiple groups, units and the sort. Constantly knowing whats going on, where and being able to react that fast... takes a lot more than just aiming a thumb stick and pulling the trigger.