Collecting the Parts for Leliana’s Battledress of the Provocateur Armor

As part of a reward in purchasing the Leliana’s Song downloadable content for Dragon Age: Origins, players are given a chance to assemble the Battledress Armor for Leliana that can be used in both Origins and Awakening.

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MightyMark4272960d ago

one of the best DLCs so far for Dragon Age Origins.

Forbidden_Darkness2960d ago

Thank you for telling me that, now im going to go get a PSN card and buy it. I'll brb ;)

Leupac2960d ago

It really was great and being able to unlock the new armor was a nice touch.

Myst2960d ago

Debating whether or not to buy I look dead at DA:O sitting on my game shelf...

Myst2960d ago

Hmm guess I'll get it this weekend and go through the story again.

2960d ago
WetN00dle692960d ago

Hmmm........yeah im thinking of buying it too.

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