Dead Rising Seized In Germany

Several retailers in Germany are reporting that Dead Rising is being seized this week and even sales of the game even to adults will be forbidden in Germany. Dead Rising was refused a rating by the USK in the past but that doesn't mean that it can't be sold or marketed in the region, so the seizing of the title is a new turn of event in German's ever growing intolerance of violent video games.

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P4KY B3882d ago

So hardcore pornography is allowed on normal TV in Germany
But bashing a zombie over the head with a frying pan while wearing a magaman suit in a video game is not!

kewlkat0073882d ago

there can only be SEX, DRUGS, and Rock n Roll but no violence in Germany.

Hey ,I guess with their history, I can understand. I wonder if COD BF and MOH sell well over there. Hey it is historical and Education for the most part.

Didn't they can gears of War too?

Germany must have lots of underground gamers, secretly playing violent games.

tplarkin73882d ago

German lawmakers sought to create a law that would make killing in videogames illegal. There is something wrong with some of the German leadership. Unfortunaley, the liberals in the U.S. share the same feeling. Sex (outside of marriage) and drugs is good, but holding a toy gun is bad.

FordGTGuy3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

They have no backbone anymore.

NVM they deserved every ass whopping we gave them 10x over.

Caxtus7503882d ago

Hmm not sure what is going on in Germany. Things seem to be getting worse and worse for gamers. Good luck :D and keep up the importing! lol

donscrillinger3882d ago

no offense but this is really fuccing gay

Scions Wrath3881d ago

Even command and conquer got banned over there! WTF!?