Street Fighter IV 3DS Rivals 360/PS3 Graphically, Screen Comparison

When Nintendo debuted the Nintendo 3DS at E3 last month, one thing was made clear, and that was the machine could render some impressive visuals. With Metal Gear Solid 3DS showcasing some of the best visuals for the handheld at the show, that title alone made many into believers. Capcom also revealed some amazing graphical handheld achievements with Resident Evil and Super Street Fighter IV. The Nintendo 3DS version may be slightly different in graphical style, but the lighting and visuals certainly come close and rival the graphics of the HD-home console versions.

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Joule3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )


The only words that can explain this.

HolyOrangeCows3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

The amount of hype for this thing is ridiculous. Quite irrational even.
It's resolution is 400x240 pixels per eye, it does NOT rival 7th, nor 6th, gen consoles.

And take Kid Icarus for example. That game had some good scale going for it, but it had some really flat, unattractive textures.

darthv723080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

it is kind of impressive even if there are jagged edges. That is to be expected when downscaling an arcade game to a handheld screen.

But hey, it isnt like they are comparing ps3 to 2600 gfx.

I have seen some amazing effort put into games that you wouldnt think would work on a lesser platform. A good example is the pc engine. Being an 8bit cpu it has some of the best neogeo ports of fatal fury and art of fighting.

Better than genesis and snes and those are supposed to be more spec systems. Have to give capcom credit. They were able to squeeze SF2 onto a pc engine hucard and make it better than the snes. They are taking this game and trying to at least come close on a handheld.

wages of sin3080d ago

Nintendo is going to sell a butt load of these things and nothing will be able to stop it.

NoBias3080d ago

Doesn't look better than a console. Whoever titled the article at the examiner is a moron.

None the less, I will still be buying one of these at launch. I'm really hoping for a release date given soon.

Commander_TK3080d ago

3DS hype is reminding me of the 360 back in 2005-06

sikbeta3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

People really Believe that?, for the lamest, any person would compare this new 3DS and say it can Rival the PSP, a 5 Years Old Handheld and everyone will go like "OMGz"

High Hopes for the 3DS, it'll sell loads, no-1 can't deny that, but as far as Hardware + Graphics and the such goes, I can't be compared to Home Consoles, lets be more Fair and Wait for the PSP2...

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ProjectVulcan3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

3DS is a smidgen more powerful than PSP. Maybe twice as fast, at most. Which is rather too much hype considering PSP is six years old this year. It looks good no question but as good as the home console versions?

How do you spell hyperbole

Mista T3080d ago

no it's not, the 3ds gpu is 200mhz and at peak performance can do 15.3 million polygons per second, the psp can do 33 million polygons per second

trounbyfire3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

its a joke and people know it.
1 the line up is mostly ports like 89% ( but you get star fox, and MGS and wait more ports)
2 its another DS ( yet the media treats it like god shat it out. its so new yet 3d tv with surround sound is lame cause you where glasses i have to put on my headset )
3 Nintendo the only company that resales the same games kirby mario zelda DK starfox POKEMON

people call 360 fanboys sheep but its you nintendo fanboys

SpoonyRedMage3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Actually it's not known what the 3DS GPU is and the person who wrote that comparison that everyone keeps referring too admitted that and said he was going for a lower estimate. He also got lambasted on NeoGaf for basically making the figures up.

The only thing we know about the 3DS is what line it's from, we don't know what model it is and thus we don't know how powerful it is. 3rd party developers have already said it's the most powerful portable system as well, so it being less powerful than the PSP is unlikely.

EDIT: Plus that 200mhz was an estimate based on pretty nothing considering the line defaults at 400mhz and has low power consumption.(which was the reason cited for the 200mhz estimate)

ProjectVulcan3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

What i said was clearly an estimate based on visually what we have seen from screenshots. Psp runs games 480 x 272 and assuming that 3D enabled games on this push 480 x 240 per eye AND a 320 x 240 touch panel for 2D, Its pretty safe to say the machine is more powerful than PSP. Is that all that much of an achievement? PSP is six years old this year as i said, so no one will be exactly blown away. The graphics are only secondary to what nintendo are looking to deliver and that is fresh gameplay.

Counting polygons does not really give an idea of the actual performance of a processor, mainly because theoretical raw geometry performance is compromised by dozens of factors in practical situations. Counting clockspeed is also pretty useless when talking about comparing different architectures- its near meaningless. Pixel fillrate is generally a better estimate of performance these days, but even a transistor count would give us a better idea.

You either agree with my raw glance judgement or not. But of all those factors, remember these are first generation games on a new system, versus highly advanced titles on a well known older system. They must at least match the best looking PSP games already, which hints at the potential performance from the 3DS.

Richdad3080d ago

TO be exact 3DS hardware is much stronger than PSP although it does less polygons than PSP but it has higher processing speed than PSP and has hardware shaders. I dont exactly know but I am sure that PSP uses software shaders only.

Also 3DS effects GPU is newer so it has new effects like per pixel lighting, HDR etc. THe chip is more optimized for it so these effects can be done with relative ease on 3DS than PSP.

matey3079d ago

your a punk the 3ds version of SUPER STREET FIGHTER has shadows the 360 has blob shadows grow up the 3ds version is better for graphics full stop

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DoucheVader3080d ago

I don't even know how that guy wrote that story with a straight face. I mean it looks good, but 3DS will get hounded by release if the graphics look like this while we all been promised PS3/360 level of visuals.

Looks like PSP to me.

pedrami913080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

You too ?

Im pretty sure this is how it would look like if SFIV got ported to the PSP which would be amazing for a 6 year old handheld.

My 2 cents

ExplosionSauce3080d ago

The guy who wrote the article tried to hard.
Those were some of the blurriest and most compressed SFIV(PS3/360) screenshots I've seen.

The 3DS will be great and will have that graphical push that it has been needing.

iforgotmylogin3080d ago

Flame bait and building negative hype for the 3ds
No Nintendo fan yet has said anything about
it being better than the ps3/360
or better graphics
but in terms of handhelds its in a league of its own as is.
People are nitt picking at every detail
and if we want to do that
if the ps3 is so powerful
how come i see jaggies
how come the textures are flat
how come we dont have 3D textured backgrounds like Dx11
nothing is perfect but if we want we can always put everything against a pc and see who will win in the looks contest.

ShinMaster3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

PC fanboy above...?

No one's saying anything about PS3 being almighty powerful. At least nowhere on this thread.
Always comparing your DX11 to PS3 and whatnot. No one cares!

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OneSneakyMofo3080d ago

AHAHAHAHA... oh wait, they're serious? O.O

klado3080d ago

What about the psp2 with that amount of games or port of the said games coming to 3DS with even more graphics?

Ho ho...or are these games exclusives? no they aren't so, checked, but for god sake sony bring the psp2 least a slight of news.

matey3079d ago

the psp 2 will be like the iphone so having better graphics is a joke the 3ds has the biggest devs on board from day 1 like the 360 got and look what happened there look the 3ds has resident evil revelations and ive seen the screens next to 30 ect and its many many many times better graphically m8 and SSF on 3ds has much better shadows ect take another look u blind git plus 3d is more impressive than HD which is just a resolution look at last story trailer and take a look at the shadows in that game and gameplay it smokes most 360 games full stop

beardpapa3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

yea because at that screen size and resolution, we'd need a magnifying glass to count pixels.

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seij5553080d ago

Thats like running Crysis on max settings at 368p on an iPhone and saying it looks better than Crysis on Med settings at 1080p on a PC.

Lich1203080d ago

Id be very impressed if an iPhone could run Crysis on max at any resolution. Wouldn't it be sweet if handhelds were actually that powerful?

Also, if the 3ds was even close to as powerful as a 360/ps3 our hands would catch on fire from the heat output. That, or it would cost like 1500 dollars because they're using a 12nm processor core.

matey3079d ago

look resolution isnt what makes 360 games look good its the HDR/AA/MOTION BLUR ect u tosser grow up the fact is the 3ds has a more balanced hardware that wii/360/ps3 for shadows ect which maked games look realistic its not more powerful but capcom have stated that the resident evil revelations will be the real deal compared to previous entrys and also said it will be using MT Framework try getting that to run on a psp/ps2 ect it wouldnt work u tosser

Nike3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I think this is one of those cases where screenshot comparisons are useless and we'd need video comparisons instead. Because it also depends on animation, frame-rate, resolution, etc.

And quite frankly? The console versions would still look better.

Oh wait. Examiner. Okay, so basicallly...disavow everything they tell you and nod politely while making for the exit to call the men with the whitecoats.

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