Blizzard's Bashiok first victim of the Real ID

According to the website Gamona, Blizzard community manager Bashiok posted his real name on the official World of Warcraft Forums, in an attempt to defend the controversial Real ID. Within minutes, forum users revealed all the important stages of his life, his phone number, address, age, preferences...even the name of his wife and the school of his children. This obviously shows that the Real ID is quite questionable.

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Bereaver3082d ago

Quite hilarious if you ask me. Yes, maybe digging in as deep as children isn't quite right, but..... whose to say the people that did this weren't straight up good folk just trying to prove a point? If they can do it, any "freak" can do it too.

TotalPS3Fanboy3082d ago

I don't ever want to put out any real information about me.

Timesplitter143082d ago

That was brilliant. And I bet Blizzard is happy too. Real ID was Activision's idea, and as usual no one likes it.

Megaton3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

My first name and my birthday are out there, but I use a fake last name for everything. I should really just come up with a full pseudonym.

This whole thing was a stupid idea. Maybe now that they see even a person's children can be located from their parent's name alone, they'll reconsider.

TheDeadMetalhead3082d ago

Is there anything Activision DOESN'T try to ruin?

LordStig3082d ago

look at that sh1t eating grin "rgahh gimme your money and your soul!"

SeanRL3082d ago

Nope, they ruin everything. I we boycott them they'd be gone, but no one seems to have the willpower to do that.

Quickstrike3082d ago

is the devil

and a guy you can trust.
Guess which is which? I'll give you a hint, the bottom picture has a more trustworthy vibe with him.

peowpeow3082d ago

What kind of comparison is that? It's obvious the guy on top is the evil one..

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NegativeCreepWA3082d ago

I can see how this could be a problem for women, but could care less what people know about me and if some Internet psycho showed up at my doorstep they'll be starring down the barrel of my gun.

Baka-akaB3081d ago

ending up in jail for a stupid ID affair .. proving once again the stupidity of the thing , for everyone

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Newtype3082d ago

Blizzard could be sued for this...or their user agreement might save them.

lightningsax3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I think the guy did that on his own accord, and since he works for them, he couldn't then sue because he posted his name on a forum. He put his name out there for everyone to see, and it's on him. Even though it's messy since he works for a company that's implementing a feature - a company with one heck of an overseeing demonic entity.

It sucks that he gets the crap end of the stick for being loyal to his organization, but it's all on him legally. Unless Blizzard/Activision told him to do it under the threat of being fired or losing part of his contract.

noxeven3082d ago

you don't have to use real id if you don't want to. its a choice, I mean if you wanna share the id with people you can other wise you can still use the ingame name system. I don't really have a big deal with. Hey look at this way at least now you can check to see if its a really chick your giving all that gold to haha. I kid I kid

Quickstrike3082d ago

the real id applies to the forums and there's no opt out option. If you want to post on the forums then you are forced to use your real name.

Cheeseknight283082d ago

If you want to post on the new forums. The only forums are staying as is.

One issue here is that the CMs will likely only post on the new forums, so anyone who wants help or has something to report isn't going to a response.

danielle0073082d ago

That's pretty scary. There are a lot of creepers on the internet. & there are a lot of creepers on WoW. How many stories have we heard of teenage girls or boys running off with some old effin creeper on WoW? Lots.

At least on those occasions, they had to volunteer the information / tell people their real name & stuff. Now, Blizzard / Activision are taking away that crucial step. Now the creepers can just FIND the information, since the real names are everywhere.

GG. RealID should be only used in the game if you choose to, because xserver chat really is pretty nice, but not anywhere on the forums that everyone has easy access to.

caffman3082d ago

Creeper! Try and use it more in everyday life kids

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