Metroid: Other M Gameplay and Story Details

Samus Aran, legendary video game heroine, is back for another adventure in Metroid: Other M. With new melee attacks, deep space exploration, dramatic cinematics, and being able to switch camera perspectives, Team Ninja has gone to great lengths to make sure that the new installment of Metroid is the best yet. Check out the provided Press Release for more gameplay and story details.

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Spenok2875d ago

Lucky me i bought one when they launched. I couldn't wait for Zelda lol.

Theonik2875d ago

I resisted the temptation and i played the Gamecube version of Zelda too. infact i bought my first current gen system on January 2009. My PS3. I bought the Wii just a few days ago. I really wanna try how TP is on the Wii.

Prcko2875d ago

i am lucky because my sister has a wii :D

EvilTwin2875d ago

"The game takes place on a single, giant Galactic Federation vessel – but this contains a huge variety of locations, each with different environments, unique flora, fauna and enemies."
----------------------------- ----------------------------

We've been Fusion-ed!

: P

I was kinda hoping for Samus to get another planet to blow up, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

2875d ago
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