Justifying The iPad: How Apple’s New Device Replaced My Laptop | Crush! Frag! Destroy!

CFD!'s Sage Knox makes his case for Apple's newest device:

"It’s been called “worthless,” “a big iPod Touch,” and “an unnecessary step between a smartphone and a laptop.” Depending on your financial situation and your level of experience with Apple’s iPad, you might tend to agree with the aforementioned statements.

"I don’t remember a more highly-anticipated and highly-controversial piece of consumer electronics ever having the same exact affect on people only after they’ve used it: the iPad is magical. I’ve never experienced anyone who hasn’t been absolutely spellbound by the tablet. Maybe it’s the simple, familiar interface or the beautiful screen, or perhaps it’s the feeling of being in an episode of Star Trek, complete with data pad. Whatever it is, the shortcomings of the iPad are easily overlooked once you hold it in your own hands."

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ElementX3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

crushfragdestroy? What a retarded name! My 3 year old niece could come up with something better.

ShadowPraxis3080d ago

Your opinion has been forwarded to our complaint department. Thanks for your input.

ElementX3080d ago

There are so many stupid website addresses these days. I'll add yours to and the others on my list.

thewrathman3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

doesnt the HP slate sh1t all over the ipad?just like every other smart phone sh1ts all over the iphone.

everytime i hear 'apple' i just think 'pretty' and 'overpriced'.and the competition does it better.

rumour has it HP/ms have canned the slate.

beardpapa3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

lol have you seen the size of the hp slate? it's so thick and it's been found it can't smoothly perform those video playback/recordings that were shown in the marketing vids. It was bound to fail. Engadget rumors they're gonna put webos into the 'new' slate after that palm aquisition or in other words no win7.

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Gago3080d ago

that the article author never had a laptop

he is an apple tard posing as Pc user

NYPunkster3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I can say with absolute confidence that you are PC/Xbox tard. Am I right?
Where's my cookie!

mrv3213080d ago

I could not use a iPad. I really can't I mean I like a ACTUAL KEYBOARD and not a touch screen one. I also like my OS more than the apple OS that's on iPad.

TheLeprachaun3080d ago

iPad works with wireless bluetooth keyboards.

ShadowPraxis3080d ago

Yep - he mentioned that in his piece. Of course, you DO have to pay Apple's ridiculous prices though :P

TheLeprachaun3080d ago

Aye,I was just replying to mrv321 who mentioned he couldn't use one as it doesn't have a physical keyboard.

mrv3213080d ago

I am sorry, I didn't know you couldn't use any blu-tooth keyboard, I apologise. I am still against the iPad because well they cost a lot for what they do, they don't offer much freedom, I don't know if they do multitasking or not so I won't comment, but I'd rather buy a CHEAP netbook and put Xubuntu/Lubuntu on it.

Double Toasted3080d ago

You're against the iPad? Do you mean, like, they shouldn't have been allowed to make it? Or do you mean you're against personally buying it for yourself? Anyway, if I could afford one I would buy one. I just bought an iPhone though, because the EVO 4G is constantly sold out. I'm really digging this Apple product. I just bought the Air Mouse app. and its fucking awesome!

NYPunkster3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

So you want cutting edge (touch) technology for pennies? Of course they're going to charge a premium that's the American way! Hurrah for capitalism! Hurrah for profit!


Oh-my-god you're so funny! The joke being that you have a girlfriend. halarious. lol


I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you're not a big reader....or movie watcher, surfing the net, email addict,spreadsheets, mobile games, HD video podcasts, tv shows. If so then yeah the iPad wasn't for you but at least you tried it out. Shows you have an open mind.

I'll give you $300 for it... let me know if you're interested.

kneon3080d ago

Doesn't that defeat the whole point of this form factor? Am I supposed to lug around an extra gadget just so I can do something useful when not at a desk. And then of course there is the issue of how to you make use of these two separate peices when you are on a train or plane for example. Do I need to carry a stand as well?

If you actually need to do any typing you are better off with a netbook, you get a far more capable device at half the price and the keyboard and screen are properly positioned so you can type all day if you like.

The ipad is a media consumption device, and that's pretty much all it's good for.

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seij5553080d ago

I'm not a woman so I don't need an Ipad, I might buy one for my girlfriend though. She could end up needing something like that on that time of the month.

electrolemon3080d ago

Wow, that's the most sexist, stupidest thing I've read as a comment in a while. And by while, I mean few minutes.

BYE3080d ago

You must really love your girlfriend giving her a Ferrari while driving a Ford yourself.

seij5553080d ago

I don't get it. Are you implying that I should by adult diapers for myself?

Squall50053080d ago

So I just hold my iPod Touch closer to my face.

Colonel-Killzone3080d ago

Avoid buying the Ipad. I have one its not that great honestly. Waste of 800 dollars. Its a ok device but not worth the price tag that they are offering right now.

Gray-Fox3080d ago

$800? Are you crazy? The best iPad is the cheapest one because it offers a lot better value for money. At $449 (what I paid) plus I get an educational tax rebate of 1/2 of that. The iPad is a great machine. You can only appreciate it once you have it in your home and use it.

BYE3080d ago

The iPad is the best way on the planet to browse on the internet, seriously.

I'd buy one just for that.

Squall50053080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Unless you want to look at flash content.

Apple didn't include flash so you can't play free flash games. You have to buy from the app store, forcing you to give them even more cash...because buying a big ipod touch for £600 isn't enough.

No thanks apple.

BYE3080d ago

All major video portals have compatible formats like HTML5 enabled or offer a free app for the iPad.

So, you're not really missing anything unless you wanna play flash games or visit flash websites.

ReBurn3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

There are so many sites that have mobile-specific content or completely avoid Flash that it isn't even a problem any more.

A lot of people believe that Flash is too ingrained in the web to ever be toppled, but Flash is proprietary. The HTML 5 standard is going to break the reliance on Flash and allow developers to create rich web content that is supported by browsers without the need for plugins.

I could very well be wrong, but I think we're going to see Flash start to rapidly decline very soon.

360Defender3080d ago

I have both the iPad and the iTouch. Both get used everyday. No better way to sit on the couch and read the news, cruise the web, watch a portable movie and more. Glad I spent the money. Most people that hate on it have never used one and dont own one. Some just hate it because they cant afford it.

skip2mylou3080d ago

quit complaining about the games sheesh just jailbreak that shit if you wanna play games on the ipad

ruiner44823079d ago

Just like OpenGL was going to topple DirectX. I'll believe html5 is going to take over when it happens, not when someone says it is going to be standard.

ReBurn3079d ago

What's going on with DirectX and OpenGL is completely different from what's going on with Flash and HTML 5. Totally apples and oranges.

Doubt if you will, but many of the larger and more visited websites are shying away from having their most important content be Flash-based. The only real use these days is these silly Flash-based web games. I see flash getting some serious competition from client-side Javascript for web UI.

The writing is on the wall for Flash. It became popular because it was the only way to do some things. But times have changed.

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electrolemon3080d ago

He's right. I have one, since I won it in a contest, and it's great. I love it, and I really have fun with it, but I couldn't justify the $500.

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