TWO PS3 3D Firmware updates coming

Sony has revealed that PS3 owners will be getting two new 3D Firmware upgrades this year - with the first, Blu-ray related fix in September.

The news was revealed by SCEE big cheese Mick Hocking at a presentation this morning.

"In September this year, we're launching another Firmware upgrade - and this one is going to upgrade the PS3 to support Blu-ray movies in 3D," said Hocking.

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Kors3085d ago

After 3D Games and 3D Blu-ray, should have seen this one coming!

3D is future!

Ocelot5253085d ago

the future is not now

@ people with 3DTV's on this site: please raise your hand

I wish SCE spent their times on something that would be useful for average joe instead of 3D

ThatArtGuy3084d ago

"The future is not now. People with HDTV's please raise your hand. No one needs 1080p games and movies, Sony. I wish SCE spent their time on something that would be useful for Average Joe instead of HDTV."

Ocelot5253084d ago

I get your point but
u could get a decent HDTV in 2006 for €500 instead of €2000

it's just a bit too early for 3D, also the technology and specifications will probably change in this stage

and it hasn't been tested properly, what happens if you watch sex and the city 2 in 3D?! some people would die I'm affraid

TheLeprachaun3085d ago

While I'm not completely sold on 3D, this is certainly good news. The more content available in 3D, the more chance I'll actually purchase a 3D television.

BeaArthur3085d ago

I still won't be getting one for years. Also I want to wait for a 3D TV that doesn't require me to wear sun glasses.

TotalPS3Fanboy3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

When your old TV stops working in a few years, or when you're ready to buy a new TV, you'll be glad to know that all those new TV are 3D ready, and not only that, the PS3 is 3D ready.

You'll thank Sony for making the PS3 3D ready because Sony knows that 3D will become the standard in the industry in the future.

sikbeta3084d ago

Well, then you'll wait more than 10 Years, lol your HDTV will be dead in half of that time and you'll end up buying an 3DTV, don't worry, by that time 3DTVS will be really Affordable and you'll have the Option to use the glasses or Not...

Dungus3085d ago

I just LOVE updating my PS3! Every single day! UPDATE! UPDATE!! 10 MINUTE UPDATES!! Go go go! Update for this! Update for that!

Just can't get enough firmware updates. They make my PS3 cry with love. And for 3D technology I wont own for years? Oh Sony, how you spoil us.

nikkisixx23085d ago

So you're complaining that the PS3 gets updates? What's next? Gonna complain the store updates?

callahan093085d ago

Every day? There's only been 3 firmware updates this year, what is this "every day"?

mushroomwig3084d ago

How dare Sony try to improve peoples PS3 experience? How dare they!

Serg3084d ago

Is this the new bash-the-PS3-approach? Too many updates, really? You can't think of anything better? Well then, since there is nothing to complain about you should just go and buy a PS3.

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Rich16313084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

It is gonna be a long time before 3D takes off, if it ever does. I know a ton of people who don't even have an HDTV and the ones that do just upgraded within the last 2-3 years. I don't see many people running out to buy 3D TV's anytime soon. I'll tell ya 3D wasn't much of anything until that overated movie Avatar rolled around, now it is like "3D is da FUTURE!". Ya right, that crap was around in the 80's too, it was the shiznat and then...POOF, gone! If it didn't stay before it isn't going to stay now. The only reason studios/companies like it is because they can charge you more for it. Just look at movie prices, the 3D version is like twice as much as the 2D version. But whatever, this is good news for the peeps that like 3D.

3084d ago