Latest Kinect build waves goodbye to lag claims journalist

Ubisoft allowed many a UK journalist to go hands on with Kinect yesterday. And there are some glowing reports coming back. Of note is the fact that one from CNET claimed that all the reports of lag with Kinect are now false. Whatever version he played of Kinect he experienced no lag whatsoever. This is very comforting to hear especially as so much has been made of the supposed lag based on older playtests of the device!

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TotalPS3Fanboy3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

What CNET experienced was a paycheck and a free 360 Slim from Microsoft.

DelbertGrady3085d ago

Odion, who is a moderator on N4G, wrote a post in the forums after he had a chance to try it out. He said the lag was minimal and that you didn't notice it while playing.

But judging by your username I don't think you really care.

- Ghost of Sparta -3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Odion is known for his unprecedented loyalty for Microsoft. I'll take the word of the hundreds of those who complained about Kinect lag over his any day. The build shown at E3 was the most recent and showed full second lag response. Lol @ CNET trying to fool idiots. They're already owned by M$, they don't need paychecks to make such claims.

Pennywise3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Just because Odion is a mod on N4G doesn't mean he is by any means unbiased. MS might have fixed the lag, and Odion might be telling the truth... but I think only time will tell.

Honestly... I think by release the lag will be gone, otherwise MS wouldn't be pushing it so hard.

gaffyh3085d ago

It depends on the game I think. Some games can work with lag, some can't, especially those that require quick movements. For example, Dance Central seemed to be almost lag free, but pretty much every 1st party game from MS for Kinect seemed to have quite a bit of lag.

Christopher3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I believe that there are times where people experience minimal lag, at least in their opinion of what minimal lag is.

The issue? I also believe those experiences were in ideal environments rather than in normal household environments where lighting, distance, and general movement in the background and foreground truly affect the overall experience.

Why o why3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

that if he didnt like what you said to him....things just started to magically pop, Odion. I went toe to toe with him and his pro pc + MS self years ago.....I lost but you see i never knew he was a mod in them days....He was far too one sided for me to of even of thought that....i still look at the scars from time to time;)

Anyway time will tell because the release date is just around the corner. No point speculating...Attackers will attack, defenders will defend. At the moment the attackers seem to be right. If ms pull anything off there will be a lot of crow BUT its not looking too good with all the step downs and mis-truths...again..time WILL tell all

@ Leon

about kinect or Odion banning my ass and taking my bubbles?? lol

HolyOrangeCows3085d ago

Just like the magical build they fixed to show at E3, right? Pfft.

LeonSKennedy4Life3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

What the FRICK did you just say?!?

Edit: Haha. About anything! I just want it translated into English.

Bereaver3084d ago

People still think that Microsoft has the ability to fix that lag? Think again...... After all of this time.... all of this crap that they've shown, that they would have the ability to fix it now?

Please.... it's here to stay.

I'm glad SodaPopinsky is blind.

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Blaze9293085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Of course the first comment is a PS3 fan with their on-going media conspiracy theories. Because your hate of a product that you won't even buy is so much it doesn't matter what people who have tried it say. smh

VINNIEPAZ3085d ago

Ahh yes. Another topic about the Xbox 360 and what is the 1st comment? A diss to the Xbox 360. What a surprise PS3 fanboys get a bad rep, way to make yaself look desperate.


LeonSKennedy4Life3085d ago

You sound like my ex-girlfriend.

I want to strangle you.

King_of _the_Casuals3084d ago

you must be from RI! LOL But I agree with you 100%!

Snakefist303084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

HAHAHAH Nice Leon Defenetly Pwned Him.

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PS34EVER013085d ago Show
The Maxx3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

@- Ghost of Sparta -

" I'll take the word of the hundreds of those who complained about Kinect lag over his any day. "

- Well I will take the hundreds of those who didn't complain about it over the Sony Defense force's any day.

iHEARTboobs3085d ago

Lag or no lag, if there's only casual games to play, I doubt anyone playing will care. But if it's going to have "hardcore" games on it then that lag needs to disappear.

Unicron3085d ago


I have to ask, why are people even arguing about this? Is there honestly a single game that interests people so far that isn't aimed at the casuals?

MicroSony4Life3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I think totalps3fanboy first comment got the place on console war mode. PS3 troll post negative comment on 360 article, 360 fans take to defence mode.

The mods on N4G work so hard to keep this place a troll free zone.

2cents3085d ago

it had to be a negative one. Thanks for setting the tone.

Lets just wait for it to come out and then we will all know the truth, so why dont you keep you feces in you cage till then huh.

MicroSony4Life3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Leave it so people may see how ignorant PS3 trolls are.

Look at his comment history - he was the first to leave nothing but negative comment on every 360 article yesterday.

Edit: The fact that he has so much agrees is nothing but puzzling.

Anon19743084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

CNET has partnership deals with Microsoft. Their owner, CBS, has exclusive deals to bring their shows to Xbox Live, same with G4TV which is also available exclusively on Xbox Live and is also owned by CBS. And Last.FM - guess what. Also owned by CBS.

Obviously CNET has an vested interest in promoting the 360. Their parent makes more money if they do.

I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss totalps3fanboy's comments. Although I can't speak for his past comments, this particular criticism is a valid one. I'd question the validity of anyone's opinion if I knew they had a financial stake in the product, directly or indirectly and was receiving free gifts from the company as well. Did their staff take the E3, 360 bribes Microsoft were handing out?

mac_sparrow3084d ago

bubble for a thoroughly decent and interesting to read post

stuna13084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Ha Haaa. That was funny
But on a serious note, if that is true about no lag and kinects looks like that, I'd expect the 150$ price tag to go up.

AAACE53084d ago

There is an old saying that people believe, what they want to believe! You can take it either way.

commodore643084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

Yet another 360 story, infested with anti 360 haters and ps3 trolls.
AS soon as a bit of good news is published, the Sony attack force (SAF) arrives to maintain the negativity that we have grown accustomed to.

Way to go!


Welcome to just another day on n4g.

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wicko3085d ago

Didn't you know? Magical lag fix!

Jack Klugman3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Good news and good to hear the product is still going through big improvements. who knows what builds the journos have been demoing up till this point.

Oh and here comes the TotalPS3Fanboy at comment #1 to start with the BS about payoffs.. Don't you have a 3D Blu-ray to watch? Or some pic of Kaz you can go rub up on?

TotalPS3Fanboy3085d ago

pause it, go online with the browser and read about CNET bs-ing again on N4G, and then if I want, I can rub up on the lesbian porn too, all from within the PS3. The 360 can not do that.

Anyway, on topic. I still do not believe CNET. Will wait for other reporters. Other more neutral reporters.

TehCellDivision3085d ago

You are bragging that you are able to watch porn on your console?
Thats just depressing.

BeaArthur3085d ago

The funny thing is that he's not actually watching anything because that update isn't available yet.

TotalPS3Fanboy3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

"You are bragging that you are able to watch porn on your console? Thats just depressing."

LOL. All guys watch porn. That's just what makes guys guys. Even married guys have a stack of porn hidden around somewhere in the house. Any guy who doesn't watch porn is probably gay. Just look at all those priest. They don't ever watch porn, but you hear about them molesting little kids on the news everyday.

Anyway, any guy who doesn't watch porn is probably gay. Are you saying that you're gay? You probably should not say that on N4G. N4G does not tolerates that very well.


What update are you talking about? PS3 has a browser. With flash. But it's good to know there's an update for that coming too.


"Maybe they are with a female?"

Don't matter. Even guys who have girlfriends and guys who are married watch porn. Any guy who have problem watching porn, again, is most likely gay. Normal guys watch porn and they have no issue with it. That's just part of being a guy. You are actually the few that actually believe guys don't watch porn.


"I was talking about the 3D Blu-ray update. You currently can not do that."

Good to know that I can do that soon, when the update comes.

TehCellDivision3085d ago

Following up your patheticness with "everyone does it" just makes you look much more pathetic. Then you imply that any guy that doesnt watch porn is probably gay. You dont stop and think that... maybe they dont need porn? Maybe they are with a female? Then you make it clear that you are homophobic. Now, I may not be an expert at this subject, but based on what people say on the news, a person is against gays because they were once raped/molested by the same gender. Just sayin. But thanks for swaying off the video game subject to getting personal.

BeaArthur3085d ago

I was talking about the 3D Blu-ray update. You said "The great thing about the PS3 is that I can watch a 3D Blu-ray". You currently can not do that.

PCnPS3Gamer3084d ago

pporn is is there for us guys when the woman are being stingy on the sex....some people smoke to release stress some people watch lesbian porn.....i choose lesbian porn much healthier,

imo its a completely obvious the ms has been bribing people and websites to say good things about it especially famous people who will say anything to get sponsorship money thats free cash to them and all they have to do is say hey this natal game is the most realistic car racing game ive ever played holds hands oput its like im really driving,,,,um last time i checked real cars have steering wheels with force feed back. so wouldnt be gt5 and a high quality racing wheel be better.....famous person umm depends if sony gives me money lol:P face it guys ms are basically hollywood, its smoke and mirrors and shady deals. dont be so oblivious to the obvious in reality....when people say really dumb shit about natal that doesnt even logically make sense and is a complete contradiction, u know theyre getting paid or there just happy to get exclusive time to play something no one has taking advantage of the perks being famous and such....

look at hip hop gamer people say hes a ps3 fanboy yet he litterall hypes everything its so annoying he does it so the developers will give him free shit and give him first look at stuff.....he knows if he kisses ass he'll get perks....thats what happends when u trade ur dignity for merchandise....and its a shame but alot of gaing journalist are doing the same thing theyre abusing there power to get free stuff plain and simple.

which is why i really dont care what people say ill find out myself and ill make my own decisions im not a casual gamer im a hardcore gamer i dont need other people to convince me what to buy i know what i want and that is the best and the most bang for your buck, thats why i choose ps3 and pc...end rant

absolutecarnage3084d ago

just tell me when you watch your porn on your ps3 that if you buy MOVE, you use it for playing games and nothing else

shoddy3084d ago

Cnet is MS bitches. I need to see the lag free videos without smoke and mirror.
On the other hand I see countless kinect lag videos.

MS and cnet isn't really trust worthy.

PCnPS3Gamer3084d ago

i watch porn on my gaming pc but when i first got the ps3 and didnt have a pc. i was in ps3 porn heaven lol:P teenagers all over the world are looking at porn through theyre ps3's isnt it wonderful thanks sony. ,others are playing halo 3 and calling everybody nubes..

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Omega43085d ago

PS3 fanboys owned yet again on the topic of Kinect.

When will the ownage end lol.

mrv3213085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

We have been owned... Microsoft has shown so many countless hardcore and fun games on the system with less lag than MOVE. Microsoft has NEVER ever tried to mimic Natal gameplay just to make it good, Microsoft has also never spent millions on a Natal even to announce it's new name despite that money being able to fund a first party exclusive... OH WAIT.

Why didn't they show this LAG free Natal at E3? INSTEAD of getting actors.

When I reply to people like Omega I usuaully go into PS3, UBUNTU, fanboy mode... it's just a bit of fun, never would I intentionally post a reply to a news article that is not my own personal opinion. I'd also never intentionally flame bait. My opinions can be strong and I can say the PS3 is not in any way better than the 360 or vice versa but they are different and I prefer my PS3 over my 360.

'And MS can afford actors ( as a gamer I don't really play actors, I play games ), Sony cannot. Too much money recyling Uncharted 2 [96/100](Infamous 2) and Killzone 3 (Killzone 2 [91/100]). '

So yeah, Sony is recycling games by having long development cycles and release more AAA games... what a shame.

TehCellDivision3085d ago

"We have never been owned" You have just confirmed your fanboyness.

And MS can afford actors, Sony cannot. Too much money recyling Uncharted 2 (Infamous 2) and Killzone 3 (Killzone 2).

Adva3085d ago

@Cell, you have just confirmed your trollish attitude and blind fanboyism. Grats to you.
Oh look, omega4 is at it again.

chakan3085d ago

What ownage? Where's the hardcore games? Where's the video *PROVING* the lag is gone? Lol @ you.