Kinect and Move won’t broaden Xbox 360 and PS3 audiences without help
"Both Microsoft and Sony are banking on the Kinect camera for the Xbox 360 and the PS Move for the PS3 to not only extend the life of the two consoles but also to reach out to non-core or “casual” gamers. While Microsoft’s E3 press conference intently focused on lighter gaming fare, Sony showed a broader range of support for both casual and hard-core games. However, neither will be able to expand their reach to the audience that made Nintendo so successful with the Wii without some serious help on one very important front; the price of their consoles."

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killyourfm3083d ago

It just feels like it's all too little, too late.

Queasy3083d ago

True. Probably the setup for the next-gen of consoles.

BeaArthur3083d ago

Yeah, the audience they are trying to reach already has a Wii and since most of them are probably very casual gamers they are not going to shell out the money necessary to get either Kinect or Move.

Double Toasted3083d ago

When Natal gets the update for Windows expect a ton more to sell because then people can use it for their PCs.

Apocalypse Shadow3083d ago

i didn't buy a wii because it was not doing what nintendo implied it would do.

i still don't see a difference when it comes to wii motion plus.and games just look last gen to eyes are accustomed to high def clarity.some games on xbox,ps2,ps1,etc,just don't look hot anymore and look terrible now.that's why those systems are in the closet.

Move is new to me.and i don't have to get a new system to experience proper motion.not implied,for everyone that waited to get a ps3,they now have a motion control alternative without a need for nintendo.

so for most,and gamers like me that have an eyetoy and pseye,it's not late at's just beginning.

HolyOrangeCows3083d ago

I don't see casuals spending $400 (360+Kinect/PS3+Move) so that they can play Kinectimals or Move to the Party (Or whatever it's called).

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hybridtheory123083d ago

Doesnt sony have that coca cola deal? I guess that will partially help. Need more tv ads for BOTH Kinect and Move though when they are out

Queasy3083d ago

Ads will help but price of the consoles and the new motion controllers will also hurt.

Omega43083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

MS's MASSIVE ad campaign is all the help Kinect will need to succeed.

mrv3213083d ago

Yeah because the ads for Kin saved that device, right?

HolyOrangeCows3083d ago

Well put. A bad idea isn't instantly saved by advertisement.

chakan3083d ago

It needs hardcore games first, something it doesn't have. But you wouldn't know that. You're too busy looking at the red balls to even notice, right?

Tony-A3083d ago

Yeah, that's exactly why the Kin was such a success.

jneul3083d ago

Sony has coke-cola promo, hardcore and casual games, ms has justin bieber skittles and friends, it will be successful at first but most kinects will gather dust after a month just like something else i own, kinect demand will die down eventually because there is just not enough in there to appeal to everyone, and we all know just how many games casual gamers actually buy, yup they buy one game and there done wiisports and their done...

Ju3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Maybe it doesn't broaden the audience.

I don't really care. I would, however, predict it will shift balance - especially it those devices cannot broaden the audience. For example:

Tiger Woods 12:
- Wii - SD, Motion Controller
- 360 - HD, Standard Controller
- PS3 - HD, Motion Controller, Standard Controller

And this list will grow: Dead Space 2, Ruse, ... (+ Exclusives).

For Sony it is clear Move takes appeal away from the other platforms and adds value for the same games on the PS3. Will it be enough to win the "war" ? Not sure, but I see one out of three which basically does what the other two do combined.

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