Possible Japanese Metroid: Other M Box Art

Nintendo Everything: At the moment, it isn’t clear if this will end up being the final boxart for Metroid: Other M in Japan. It’d be nice if it does stay this way, though…It looks really nice, don’t you think?

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Valay2757d ago

I still think it looks neat.

Valay2757d ago

Because every game has a boxart?

seij5552757d ago

Yah its kinda lame, needs Samus in a bikini with laser guns and a stripper pole.

eagle212757d ago

Sexy and modern. I love it....

Theonik2756d ago

This if that were the final official cover i would love it. Also like that it doesn't use that ugly white template. Seriously... >.>

ChickeyCantor2756d ago

actually its more classic than modern.

Half tone for the win?

condorstrike2756d ago

looks fake, alignment seems off. btw a screenshot Samus stepping over Mother brain's dead corpse would be a way cooler cover, in a bikini of course...:)

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The story is too old to be commented.
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