PS3:A Question of Price "When is a price cut not a price cut? When you're Sony, six months into the lifespan of the PS3. Going into the week of E3, we believed that we had already seen a price cut in North America and were about to see it matched with a European cut.

Five days later, it turned out that the American price cut was largely smoke and mirrors - and the European "adjustment" didn't actually make a blind bit of difference to the price tag on the PS3's box."

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D_U_I3979d ago

I question of reliability (Check). Price - I couldnt care less, i payed £500 for mine on the high street and that amounts to $800. lol The ps3 is worth that money

Nuff said.

toughNAME3979d ago

a question of games

sure ps3 has a solid lineup..any other year they would have made a killing

but the 2007 holiday lineup for 360 is one of the best iv ever seen

in 2008 when more/better games come out then maybe id consider thinking about possibly buying it

dont gimme the bs list of ratchet and clank and lair and all the other doodoo games i know i knwo

DEADEND3979d ago

i dont mind the price at all, look at the 360 you pay 400 for it and later on it breaks down on you. my just sent his back to MS and its the 3rd time now, as for people that i know who has a PS3 they havent had any problems what so ever. i'm just waiting for my 360 to break down on me right now, its just a matter of time i guess. well when you think about it it makes sence because they rushed their system out to fast just so they could be first out to sell more, which it stupid cause they couldve worked on their system a lil more. thats why i have to give it to sony because they knew what they were doing id trying to come out with a top of the line system which they did. thats why i dont mind the price too much.

Silver3603979d ago (Edited 3979d ago )

MS had to bring out the 360 or get out of the Console selling business. The original Xbox cost them too much money to sell, they never made a profit on hardware sales. They had to cut their losses and produce a system where they owned the design and parts. Just like in this article Sony has to do what is best for the corporation and walk a tightrope to success. Running a business is not easy.

DiLeCtioN3979d ago

i bought it so theres no need to worry anymore its been dealt with.
The price cut will help it sell more though.

VirusE3979d ago

I own both and think they are BOTH 100% worth the price of entry. It's all about the games at the end of the day.

Zhuk3979d ago

It was apparent to everyone that the PS3 was going to be dead last if they didnt try something to stimulate sales. You can argue about 'smoke and mirrors' and how it really wasnt a price cut, but the PS3 is better value now than it was a month ago and that cant be a bad thing, it might give it a fighting chance

Panthers3979d ago

Well, the 60gb is at 499 now, but after that is gone, the 80gb will be 499 also. The price drop is here to stay. THe only reason the 80gb is 599 is because of Motorstorm and the extra controller...

Kleptic3979d ago

exactly...Sony will never admit that, because then no one will buy the $600 80gb when it releases in august...they will just wait until it falls to $500, if Sony would confirm it...

but Sony knows enough to understand that if the price does go back up to $600 for ANY PS3, all they will hear is more whining about how expensive it is...The PS3 is selling better now than it has this entire year (except for early january)...

So this "fake price cut" crap is completely useless...the only thing that pissed people off is that they are phasing out the 60gb with hardware backward compatability...there is absolutely no reason for Sony to continue to try and pawn off a "value packed" ps3 when reps from Sony already claim it is not worth $600...

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