TPG iPhone Review - Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter

TPG says, "The folks over at Tatem Games have recreated this gem for the iPhone, in Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. There is not much to say regarding my feelings for this game that the above paragraph does not show. I have always loved it. It is not the best FPS ever, nor is it the most beautiful. However, it greatly fills that need for a short-session casual experience that most hardcore gamers desire at times."

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roblef3080d ago

I dunno if I want all these old PC ports on my iPhone.

bgrundman3080d ago

hey, be nice. The pinball ports were good.

roblef3080d ago

They weren't THAT good.

notbob3080d ago

The scary part is that young earth creationists believe this is a non-fiction game.

Davedough3080d ago

Looks like the wallet is gonna be a little skinner again. App store here I come.