GameZone: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 360 Review

"Tiger Woods 11 feels much more like a transitional entry to the franchise overall, and it’s hard to imagine that the 2012 iteration of the series won’t shift the focus to motion sensing devices like Kinect. As a matter of fact, the PS3 version of Tiger Woods 11 supports Move right out of the box, allowing you to utilize the device in game when it launches this fall. However, while the refinements made in this version are certainly appreciated and do a lot to make the experience fun and more engaging than years prior, I can’t help but shake the feeling that the real innovation and gameplay changes are a year away. "

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matey3081d ago

wii version owns in terms of the most realistic golf swing in a video game

klado3081d ago

Not more than move this time, so I'm sorry to burst your bubbles.