The Logitech G9 Laser Mouse for PRO PC gamers

Logitech has today introduced the newest addition to its G-series peripherals for PC gaming. The G9 Laser Mouse gives players the ability to modify every part of the device for the best fit, feel and performance.

The corded mouse offers an interchangeable grip, instant dpi switching (ranging from 200 dpi to 3200 dpi), full-speed USB laser tracking, weight tuning, a MicroGear precision scroll, and best of all - a customisable LED light. In fact, the technicalities of the thing go on forever, like the blueprint for a car engine or something similarly complex.

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NRG3886d ago

Wow, 3200 DPI? That's almost too much. I play with a Copperhead with 2000 DPI and while it's certainly nice, it's almost annoying in some games. It's so hard to find a sweet spot for sensitivity, too high and precise shooting/sniping becomes a lot more difficult and too low sucks for close range/turning around. I would definitely want to play a game or two for a bit with this mouse before deciding to buy. At least they corded it though, that's the only reason I didn't pick up the MX Revolution, it feels perfect on the hand.

risk3886d ago

it looks like a soap thanks.