Infamous 2 PS3 pre-order sales increase

Advanced sales for Infamous 2 for Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 increased this week amid strong demand for the action sequel.

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SupaGamer2695d ago

it's going to be awesome.

Conloles2695d ago Show
SeanRL2695d ago

Considering the first one sold about 1.5 million, 100 shouldn't be a problem.

seij5552695d ago

The first Infamous sold 2 mil.

TotalPS3Fanboy2695d ago

"Lets see if it can sell over 100 copies this time"

It'll sell very well over 1 million copies. I am predicting around 3 millions or more.

But let's talk about Crysis 2. Will Crysis 2 sells over 100 copies this time? Because I know I am just going to pirate it and play it on my PC, since it's not worth buying it like inFamous 2. And I know most people will just pirate Crysis 2 too.

sikbeta2695d ago

Guys, let Conloles alone, he's mad cos he CAN'T Pirate this Game to play it on his Powaarfool PC...


Infamous 2 will be a BEAST, Day One...

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Sev2695d ago

Does anyone read articles? Or just titles?

inFamous 2 is ranked #384 on Amazon. That is not at all worthy of being called news.

It's been announced. Pre-orders will steadily increase until then. It's news when it breaks the top ten of becomes #1.

This article, and this site is bullsh!t.

Jsynn72695d ago ShowReplies(2)
chakan2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Let's see if you stop trolling and get an actual life. If your PC is so good, then go play on it.

Guess what? Alan Wake didn't sell enough copies, based on all the bragging 360 fanboys were doing. Go support your damn games.

chakan2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Day one.
I'm also buying this Day One.

DigitalAnalog2695d ago

Infamous sold 1.5 million. Just 300,000 less than *cough Mass *Effect *cough II.

-End statement

cmrbe2695d ago

It sold more than ME2 on x360. ME2 sales include PC

milf_sex2695d ago

@ Conloles

You mean over 1.6 million copies which is more than what Crackdown 1 sold ? Definitely will.
Kinda like how UC2 outsold UC1.

tinybigman2695d ago

great exclusive to my collection of others :)

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MariaHelFutura2695d ago

One look at the Electric Tornado from the end of the last video would do that, that was one of the coolest things I`ve ever seen.

Neo Nugget2695d ago

I'm not buying because the new Cole sucks and he looks different!


Neo Nugget2695d ago

That was sarcasm by the way.

himdeel2695d ago

...oh well. I've preorder it also.

drdre742695d ago

iNFAMOUS 2 has become Super Uncharted. They just copied Drake as the main character.

Colonel-Killzone2695d ago

Day 1 midnight purchase for me.

Arnon2695d ago

Same here. The game really grew on me. It wasn't the best sandbox ever made imo, but for some reason, it was completely original. The only thing that I would like changed, and I know some may disagree, is the whole you being a magnet against surfaces ordeal. I know at times it was necessary due to the fact that there were so many surfaces to scale, but other times, I was not able to perform simple functions such as climbing down to a certain level of a building.

Again. Only thing that I wish was changed. Also, more enemy variants and powers would be nice, but I expect those to be in the final product.

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