A Girl's Perspective: Why I Love Murder

NowGamer: I’m a girl, and it may or may not surprise you to learn that I don’t conform to the typical female stereotype. I hate Twilight, FarmVille, Sex In The City, and singing or dancing-type videogames. I could think of nothing worse than playing on a dance mat or singing along to Kylie while some embarrassed guests look on...

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Nike2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Oh my god! A girl! And she plays violent video games! And likes them! And she doesn't conform to typical stereotypes about girls! What a surprise!

Seriously, been there, done that. Find some better material, Now Gamer. It's better than more lists but why set yourself so low in the first place?

Edit: It's a blog that continuously cranks out random tripe 24/7, and has the lamest top tens and features, hoping that it's quantity rather than quality can offset the fact that it's not a useful source for ANYTHING.

jimmins2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Because you're only looking at the stuff on N4G. And let's face it, N4G doesn't bother clicking on the good stuff.

Put an in-depth games™ feature up there or anything that's remotely sensible and no one clicks on it. So really you're just ranting at N4G, not NowGamer. If you go to the actual site, you'd see that the stuff that makes it onto here represents a miniscule amount of their content.

People click on shite stuff on N4G, so the good stuff falls by the wayside.

Seriously. I'm not arguing with you. I think if you go on the content that makes it high on N4G I can totally understand where you're coming from. But... it's not representative of NowGamer, so i think you should leave them alone and start throwing blame at the kind of content N4G'ers like to click on.


Oh, and just so you know; is NOT a blog. It's a super-site. It has a blog section.

Spenok2693d ago

Unfortunatly what you say is true.

cobraagent2693d ago

If it is a blog then isn't this considered as spam?

xino2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

Finally a girl gamer that doesn't nag and b*tch about them being abused.
Just freaking p*sses me off hear about this bullsh* over and over again, driving me mad man!

At least she writes about violent game, I won't comment on it since the link article says ERROR!

Now Gamer is a decent site, but recently they have been coming up with ridiculous trash news!

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VINNIEPAZ2693d ago

All I know is my girl still plays Saints Row 2 to this day doing nothing for hours but going on killing sprees.

360Defender2693d ago

Who gives a damn about some ho and what games she likes. I only care about my woman giving me a blowjob and fixing my dinner.

Cerberus21252693d ago

I s a shame that people hit agree on a post like this.

seij5552693d ago

A girl couldn't have posted this. Girls don't exist on the Internet, just on Facebook

George Sears2693d ago

They will never be progression on the mentality of male gamers when the female side keep on bringing these "We can do it too!" articles.

Yes we know that female gamers exist. They are not that sparse as they used too but reading articles like this just feels a bit degrading to female gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.