Joystiq interviews Loco Roco's Tsutomu Kouno

As big fans of Loco Roco Joystiq couldn't leave the Develop Conference in Brighton last week without having a natter with Tsutomu Kouno. Thankfully, Joystiq got the opportunity to sit down and, via his translator, Masaaki Doi, ask him about what he plans to do after Loco Roco PS3 is released.

Joystiq: Will any future versions of Loco Roco have a level editor of some kind?

Tsutomu Kouno: Actually, in the first version of Loco Roco there is the ability to do something like that. People can create their own stage, however it's really hard to understand how to create them. I am currently thinking about creating some kind of customization for the users in an upcoming project. Unfortunately, I cannot talk about it right now.

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