How Vanquish changes the cover-shooter forever

GamesRadar: Vanquish isn’t like Gears of War. It isn’t like Halo either. You need to know both of those things right now, and you need to remember them. Because whatever the surface impressions might suggest, Vanquish is something you have not played before.

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Rikitatsu3058d ago

...With Resident Evil 4, no one can really deny the influence of that game over the TPS's we got nowadays (Including Gears).

And Since Shinji Mikami is directing Vanquish, I'm not surprised if this is a Revolution... or at least an Evolution.

DigitalAnalog3057d ago

This is the ULTIMATE truth.

Why isn't Shinji Mikami being credited enough?

-End statement

Active Reload3057d ago

Because Resident Evil 4 didn't have a cover system?

Cenobia3057d ago

Looks like we'll be able to move while we shoot!

/hating on that stupid "gameplay choice"

Nike3057d ago

A friend was telling me today how he felt that if Mega Man were more mature, darker and hardcore, it'd be Vanquish. Any one else share this point of view?

ThanatosDMC3056d ago

Megaman isnt hardcore? I think that's where you're getting your disagrees from.

MNicholas3057d ago

the most exciting looking new shooter.

Completely new gameplay mechanics.

What it may lack in textures and shaders it more than makes up for in sheer style.

jetlian3057d ago

shinji do to influence TPS?

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xino3058d ago's from Games Radar:/

Bigpappy3057d ago

Ang a few from halo. But it is it's own game by what I have seen from the gameplay vids.

Spenok3057d ago

Very true, the game looks like it will be some good fun to.

WLPowell3057d ago

Just like when Bayonetta sent all other hack-n-slashers back to the drawing board... up until God of War 3 got released, and we all forgot Bayo existed and all the crazy hyperbole said about it. Then everyone came back down to reality and realized it was just Devil May Cry with a chick doing bullet-time. We'll see if this is just another good game from Mikami with overexaggerated previews or not when it's released.

Gago3057d ago

lol don't compare that button masher with Bayonetta noob

weazel3057d ago Show
Myth3057d ago

My 3 year old daughter beat the entire demo without my help, and i'm not joking.

klado3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Well here my spin, kratos would raep your little round 'ss wh're anytime you want...he hit Aphrodite...why wouldn't bayonetta? thought so, she would only scream...such a pawa LOL

Bayonetta gameplay wise win but story wise...not half GOW 1, played the xbox version, yet haven't played GOW 3, but watching the walkthrough, story and graphically wise, no where near GOW 3.

raztad3057d ago

Bayonetta is the ultimate button masher, WTF are you talking about Gago?

Button mashing wont get you anywhere in GoW unless you play on easy. Probably you dont know though.

OT: This fast gameplay looks very hectic, I'll make sure to check this game out.

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Rikitatsu3057d ago

Don't bother, This is N4G (or rather N4PS3G).
You will get flamed for saying anything against their exclusives, and they will do anything to downplay other games in the genre.

klado3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

What about, he doesn't jump trolling an exclusive in base of a multiplatform and put up some exclusive? right there isn't up on par to GOW 3, what about too human? or um, N9II? that is why I disagree, or is that multiplatform cus looking better on xbox are exclusive of xbox? don't think so, so his trolling fail and should be disagreed, so to call N4G ps fanboy realm is pretty blind and bias for yourself my humble sir.

Isn't needed to spot xbox troll here, they themselves do it for you.

webeblazing3057d ago

bayonnetta combo system and somewhat gameplay was betterbut it was better then gow3. gow had everthing but the combos for the hot weapons needed to be deep or better. did like bayonnetta at all but love playing to pull of the move.

back on topic i dont see whats so good about this game tho. i keep looking at it dont look all that to me. maybe its one of those games you gotta play to see whats the fuss about. zippin cover to cover and slow mo is that it i would of liked if they would of made an action adventure game

3057d ago
webeblazing3057d ago

are you agreeing with me cause you the same thing as me but gow got good great gameplay its just not deep love the weapons in gow

crematory3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

bayonetta is the most advanced combat system been made in gaming history and by far better than god of war series ,either u didn't play the game or u just blind
fan boy

WLPowell3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

every critic under the sun was giving bayo that exact same lip service. Then God of War came out (largely unchanged) and scored higher because GOD OF WAR 3 IS A BETTER OVERALL GAME. but continue to drink that kool-aid.

asyouburn3057d ago

but bayonetta shits all over it. gow3 is like the cod of hack and slash. bayonetta was deeper, longer and more fun. had more varied levels, alot more stuff going on. vehicle segments, riding on the back of missles. if you played bayo, and you still think gow is better than you need a new hobby

Rikitatsu3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Scored a bit higher by whom? Little unknown sites that were counted by Metacritic's horrible rating system?

Let's see, as far as I know, the most popular and Major critics gave Bayonetta a higher score (IGN, EDGE, etc...) and the rest gave it around the same scores as GoW3... It was only rated horribly by some unknown blogs.

Let's not forget that GoW3 is: 1) A western game, 2) Very Hyped, 3) Part of a series, 4) Exclusive.

While Bayonetta was: 1) Japanese, 2) Barely hyped before review scores, 3) New IP, 4) Multiplatform (with bad port nonetheless)

Am I the only one seeing the Handicap here?
And just because you forgot about Bayonetta doesn't mean everyone is not playing it...

nickjkl3057d ago

yes you shouldnt like god of war its lowest score was an 80

Cenobia3057d ago

Some people just don't like Bayonetta's style (myself included).

You have to admit it isn't for everyone. I played the demo and was immediately turned off by it. It is exceedingly complex and I knew the story was going to be idiotic.

I have to agree that GOW is more well rounded (being a better game throughout more elements than just gameplay). If you are into the whole DMC combo type games then I'm sure Bayonetta is great, but GOW appeals to a broader audience.

Also this is way off topic.

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ATLGAMER3057d ago

I thought it was a simple hack and slash...but when you play it it has way more depth and requires a lot of skill

asyouburn3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

square square triangle, then yes. lots of "skill" is needed to beat it
they couldnt even come up with any weapons that werent on chains

rezzah3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Of course a "skill" like that is for those who cant even play the game.

There are many other weapons and combos to use throughout the game. If you rely on that set then you should give up on any kind of Hack n slash genre out there.

at below (no more bubbles)

Yea i see what you mean, even so I for one never thought that GOW should of ever been compared to Bayonetta at all in the first place because even if in the same genre, their styels are very different. I always looked at it like this...GoW and Dante's Inferno...DMC and Bayonetta. Out of the DMC series Id use DMC3 to go up agaisnt Bayonetta since for most its the best of the series.

asyouburn3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

i love h&s, its my favorite genre. i dont mean to bash gow, b/c i had great fun playing it, its just bayonetta demanded much more out of me as a gamer, and had so much more content, and varied weapons, and great controls. god of war feels like "my first H&S" to me. i beat it on titan first playthrough.
EDIT: i also beat bayonetta on infinte climax, and have put over 40 hrs into it. platinum on gow took me about a fourth of that.
EDIt dmc3 is one of the best games ever made and i could definately see your point in bayo vs dmc3

madara0sama3057d ago

I liked DMC very much but i was turned off by Bayonetta. I just didn't like its style.

ThanatosDMC3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

I agree that God of War is hack and slash because Kratos can actually tank the damage.

Bayonetta gameplay wise is better than GOW but i dont like it compared to DMC/NG.

GOW gameplay shouldnt be put against DMC/NG type games. DMC type games are completely different.

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jneul3057d ago

mayonetta was not better than GOW III / end stupid argument, and I played on both versions and neither impressed me, whilst playing GOW III I had to pause several times just because I could not believe how good it was, the only people who say mayonetta is better is fans who don't own both consoles.

rezzah3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

DMC is better than Bayonetta in every possible way imaginable. DMC is the best of its genre out there, the only rival would be GOW for having its own set of originality which many other games copy. The pressing of buttons which pop on the screen to do some brutal moves in a fight. All in all, DMC is way more hardcore than the rest.


okay..never knew that =/ but it makes sense since the game reminded me so much of DMC.

EXID3057d ago

you DO know that bayonetta was created by the same guy that created dmc, right? dmc is NOT more "hardcore" than bayonetta. if anything, it'd just come down to which character you like better. dmc is no doubt a great franchise(excluding the 2nd one), but bayonetta is essentially an improved version of it. it's basically like a sequel to dmc, so everything would generally be better. if you really ARE a hardcore dmc fan, you'd know that baynonetta is just as deep/good as dmc, considering that, you know, they're created by the same guy.

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