Crytek admits Far Cry ending was "horrible"

Crytek has admitted that the stupidly hard ending of its debut first-person shooter Far Cry was horrible, revealing that close to zero thought that went into its design.

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the_round_peg3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

and now I won't, knowing the ending sucks.

TnS3916d ago

It wasn't that difficult. I enjoyed it. :)

Rooted_Dust3916d ago

It was a great game...It's story was just a bit lacking. I didn't find the end horribly difficult.

DiLeCtioN3916d ago

i love far cry its so beautiful

tplarkin73916d ago

It was an ok FPS. It didn't deserve the hype. I guess PC gamers were starved for a decent game at the time. Everyone was waiting for HL2, then.

Rooted_Dust3916d ago

I think it was better than average, definitely better than Doom 3, which was like Doom with a new coat of paint and not even as scary. Farcry had awesome environments, excellent graphics for it's time, and wide open gameplay. The only thing that was average about it was it's storyline.

rossiscratch123916d ago

I remember getting FarCry as a bundle with my new motherboard/processor, and I was amazed with the environments, etc. HL2 was a lot of fun, but it was very linear. I guess I am just more of a fan of the open gameplay of FarCry. Even if the story lacked....

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