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Study Says Games are Too Complicated for Girls

At Ghent University in Belgium, no longer do students learn, they just cause sexually based problems! Read on to find out why… (Industry)

Drjft  +   1850d ago
My ex-girlfriend used to love Fable II, but got flustered when she would get swarmed by enemies, so I guess the study is correct!
CrzyFooL  +   1850d ago
My girlfriend and I beat Castle Crashers. She sucked at it tho.
whateva  +   1850d ago
My 11 year old Niece Beat God of War 3 Before I Did!
this study is BS.
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El_Colombiano  +   1850d ago
Maybe that has to do with a new generation of children...
VINNIEPAZ  +   1850d ago
Me and my girl are a pretty good team when playing co-op games. I'm the type to never listen to what is going on in the story or important info on the next mission. I'm more of the "just tell me what to kill and I'll kill it" type of player. So if anytime in the game I need to ask, "Why are we killing whatever it is we are killing" she can break it down to me pretty quickly. lol
CrzyFooL  +   1850d ago
New study also shows GIRLS CANT DRIVE!!! HAiyooo
greeneggsnsam  +   1850d ago
I saw a study that found that men can't do two things at once.
CrzyFooL  +   1850d ago
I am typing and drinking coffee right now!! BOOYAH

Ah shit I spilled my coffee . . . .
BeaArthur  +   1850d ago
Another waste of money on a pointless study.
Ocelot525  +   1850d ago
Another waste of time on a pointless comment.
DelbertGrady  +   1850d ago
Girls are too complicated for gaming.
sGIBMBR  +   1850d ago
oooo i like it, haha!!!
Theonik  +   1850d ago
Girls are too complicated end of.
jneul  +   1850d ago
this study is BS, I don't feel games are too complicated, and I game on demon souls, FF, MGS, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, also I kick my bf's arse at soul calibur.
As for throwing the towel in my 200hrs session on FF13 says hi, still have to get that platinum but collecting every single item and weapon is so boring it's all grind no fun, yet i still keep on going every now and again in the hope that this may be the day i get that trophy
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AngryFork  +   1850d ago
These kinds of survey's mean the majority. Obviously not EVERY single woman thinks games are too complicated. But it's obvious that most girl gamers just can't do it without lots of practice. Most have enough fun with just older Mario games or other 2D ones.

But to be fair a lot of guys can't either, the ones who only play Madden or GTA probably can't get into a game like Demons Souls or FF13 or something because of the controls, tactics, etc. require knowledge of more stuff than just a few buttons.
erathaol  +   1850d ago
More than likely there are girls who just don't give it a chance and make up their mind off first impressions.

Its a shame too, not just relating this to social dynamics but also comprehensive terms of a new form entertainment. In a weird way being able to play a game is like reading, as games today can unlock emotions, knowledge and interesting stories.
BABY-JEDI  +   1849d ago
I think Girlz are just too clever for this gaming nonsense ; )
Ares84PS3  +   1850d ago
My gf keeps telling me that....
...girls are better at multitasking so they should be goot at videogames.

Well she could give you a hard time a CODW@W that's for sure :D
LBD_Nytetrayn  +   1850d ago
My wife would disagree.
guitarded77  +   1850d ago
You need to get her in check then.

Just kidding, just kidding... I hope my wife doesn't read this.
Pidgeridoo  +   1850d ago
I'm the only girl I know who finished final fantasy 7 perfectly (mastered every materia, ultimate weapons etc) in fact I may be the only person I know who has done this ....
jneul  +   1850d ago
lol me too I did that too, did you sdo ruby and emerald weapon, all the boys was so jealous of me smirk...
Also in ff8 I preserved and did omega in ultemecia's castle, epic JRPG times how I long for you, FF13 felt way too easy I even killed the hardest enemy in there with harldy any effort...
sorceror171  +   1850d ago
It's not that the games are 'too complicated', it's more that girls tend not to get obsessed over particular things for a long stretch of time. Girls *can* handle, for example, learning every single stat of every Pokemon card or whatever, but most don't choose to. There's a theory that autism is an exaggeration of 'typically male' traits - and far fewer women are on the autism spectrum than men.

But 'fewer' doesn't mean 'none'. The other factor seldom talked about is that the 'male' and 'female' differences are *average* differences. Think bell curves with different peaks but a *lot* of overlap. Knowing that some *individual* is female or male doesn't tell you much of anything about their interests and abilities.
Focker-420  +   1850d ago
Shadowstar  +   1850d ago
Yes. Game designers, we women are poor little things who can't play as well as guys. Can you give us a mode called "lady mode" which is synonymous with easy? It would make us like your games more.


On the other hand, I do agree that it'd be nice to have games marketed to women that aren't kittens and teen pop stars, so maybe there's some good stuff in the study. It's not like we're reading the whole thing.
dragonyght  +   1850d ago
"Study Says Games are Too Complicated for Girls"
lol here i was thinking it was the other way around
StarScream4Ever  +   1850d ago
Yea my ex-GF played BF2 like a pro. Ever seen a sniper on a team that can head shot a moving jet on every map that has a jet on it? Yea you sure seen it, but not daily. :X

PS. Eff this study yo.
Stunt  +   1850d ago
My girlfriend is pretty damn good at video games. Admittedly, she kicks my ass in Halo all the time.
VladimirK  +   1850d ago
Maybe it's actually just the people used in the study?

When they say "female gamers" they could mean anything from just a few hours a week to someone playing 40+ hours a week.
I imagine that between these groups the difference would be pretty large.
ForROME  +   1850d ago
There are exceptions to every rule, but there is always a overlaying truth, I have a MS in Psych we did studies like these all the time, most of the time when you have people angry about a study its because they are the exception to the rule or just emotional and bent out of shape that it true

I would say this one is true
dizzleK  +   1850d ago
thank god that sandwich making is so simple then. right fellas? *nudge nudge*
Figboy  +   1850d ago
this study is a BS generalization.
my wife plays everything from Final Fantasy to Fallout 3.

she's platinumed Dragon Age and Fallout 3, and beat Mass Effect 1 and 2 multiple times.

she's particular about her games (she loves RPGs and open world games like Oblivion, Fallout 3, etc), and she doesn't like mind-numbingly hard games, but she DID play Demon's Souls quite a bit, and only had me jump in when it was a boss battle.

so, yeah. in short my wife is awesome. although i need to get her her PS3 in a few weeks, so i can have mine back. lol.
Theonik  +   1850d ago
That's what studies are. Duh! They take a statistical reading and convert it into a general assumption of course they don't apply to everyone.
wakash  +   1850d ago
lol funny shit
rulakir  +   1850d ago
RPG's are the best. They require exploration have drama, action, adventure etc...
Some guys don't like games that require actual thinking, they just like going around senselessly shooting at everything they see(online play sucks).
Real gamers care about the story, characters, and all of those things that make games great. By the way I'm a guy and an old school gamer as far back as the Atari, Coleco, Master System you know, the era from when games first emerged.
rulakir  +   1850d ago
Such studies are a waste of time and money. They can use some of that money to make more games hehehe.. Power to the girls that play games..
HDgamer  +   1850d ago
Looks like virgins are trying to give answers lol
theChickGamer  +   1850d ago
I doubt is a matter of sex, most likely inexperience and/or lack of interest.

(inexperience) If one doesn't have much experience is more likely to suck or run into difficulties.
(lack of interest) If one doesn't have any passion for something is not very likely to overcome difficulties and rather give up when running into them.

Now, the lack of interest and/or inexperience of girls with games is a completely different matter and, in my personal opinion, mostly depends on culture and education rather than something inherent to being male or female.

If you take 50 female COD gamers vs 50 male COD gamers they will probably have similar scores... if you take any 50 girls and any 50 boys the boys will probably score better at most games because they've had more experience with them on their own.

Crusade  +   1850d ago
My girlfriend plays games and she's damn good at them. Meanwhile we saw an article saying Eminem (a man) thinks new games are too much for him because there are too many buttons. It's about how differently men and women are brought up, culturally. As society eases the burden of those who cross those boundaries, we'll see fewer women who find games too complicated. Men don't really need to cross gender boundaries since most things related to being a man encourage dominance, intelligence, and analysis. Most things related to women or considered "feminine" are about being passive, faithful, and calming and as far as modern society goes, entirely anti intellectual. This applies to men too, but it's a bigger problem for women since intelligence in women can even be considered a negative trait under certain circumstances.
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theChickGamer  +   1849d ago
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