SCEE respond to GT5 rumors

Following speculation on a number of different gaming sites about the number of cars that will feature in GT5, Three Speech contacted SCEE directly, to get some comment / confirmation from them.

"Despite news articles claiming that 'SCEI/Polyphony Digital' have made an official announcement with regards to GT5 featuring 1000 vehicles, we can confirm that this is pure speculation. It would appear that the list is a mixture of vehicles that were included in previous GT titles, coupled with somebody's own fantasy garage.

Further details about GT5 will be announced in due course, but for the moment at least, we can confirm that the current car list/speculation, does not come from SCE."

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Zhuk3975d ago

The truth comes out, I dont think anyone seriously believed that BS hype yesterday about 10,000 cars unless they were delusional

Bordel_19003974d ago

It was probably a moron Xbot fangirl who put out that rumour, could've been you even.

Bill Gates3975d ago

This game could ship with even just 5 cars, and in my opinion it would still be hands down much better than Foolza...HAHHAHA

Zhuk3975d ago

so you're saying that PD could ship a featureless game with hardly any cars and it would be better than a critically acclaimed, feature packed racer just because its on the 360?

sonarus3974d ago

I really don't understand all this gran turismo vs forza crap. As far as i am concerned GT is better maybe because its what i have known since like 99 but IMO GT is better. It has more cars and the graphics are better. I think GT4 had 750 cars or sumthin i expect GT 5 to have nothing less and thats what i really like in GT more cars. I have forza and to me it isnt better than GT 4 in terms of controls or wateva. Sure it has damage modellin but when i race i have no intentions of crashing so this dosent affect me as much as it might others

cuco333974d ago

ahh man mr gates you couldn't be any more wrong...

Nemesis3974d ago (Edited 3974d ago )

Prove me wrong by giving me your Live gamertag and allowing me to view your list of played games and i'll appologize. But I don't believe you've played Forza 2. If you had, you would realize how crazy your comments are about the controls.

Do I think Forza is perfect? Hell no, not even close. GT5 probably will prove to be better, but right now, Forza 2 is king. No last gen racer even comes close in terms of physics and control.

If you prefer GT4 for the extra cars and more realistic graphics, fine, i respect your opinion. But Forza 2's superiority in control and physics isn't even open to subjective opinion. The gulf between the two is just too great.

Go ahead fanboys, disagree all you please. Most of you have never even played Forza, so your opinion means nothing.

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Cpt Qwark3975d ago

why in every single comment do you have to say HAHAHAHAHAH AHHHHAHAHAHAHAH MUHAAAHAHA its really annoying dude.

Bazookajoe_833975d ago

You have to imagine a realy evil laughter to go with the picture ;-) Kidding, but it was kinda funny =)

Bill Gates3974d ago

Bro, if me ending my comments the way I do annoys you, I suggest meditating.

Seriously people, If my comments really bother you, take a look at yourselves for a change, and quit passing judgement on me.....HAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH A

Bazookajoe_833975d ago

And then it must have been a type o (10000) cars, but i must say that this is the best looking race game ive seen so far.. But im more into dirt driveing, like colin dirt and motorstorm =)

TheExecutive3975d ago

yeah 10,000 cars is just not possible, 1,000... maybe but i doubt it.

MikeGdaGod3974d ago

there's no way anyone would sit and go through 10,000 cars to find their favorite

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