Why Blizzard Are Using Real ID

Nukezilla's John Kershaw writes:

"You don’t need to have existed on the internet for long to realise that with just a name, your home address (or your parents’ address, or for that matter the address of anyone who has the same name as you) and phone numbers are just a quick Google away. But maybe all the nay-sayers are missing the point. There are some very rational reasons why Activision Blizzard would make this so."

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Bereaver3079d ago

Also, the writer of this should understand. That one out of a million people would kill you for losing a game. That means, someone will really, in fact, be hunted down by this google method. I have no doubt. At least one person will.

bart9993079d ago

Yep, the world peace theory is the best one yet. Acti-Bliz love the children. lol

Great article