On The Road To Redemption (How to Achieve 100% Completion in Red Dead:Redemption)

An easy to follow guide for on how to Achieve 100% Completion in Red Dead:Redemption Conor from ZOMG How.

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Stuart57563085d ago

Easier than GTAIV, that was a long haul.

hybridtheory123085d ago

Already got 100% Wasnt that hard....

Darkfiber3084d ago

Why do you need a guide for this? It tells you how right in the stats menu.

Game-ur3084d ago

I'm a little depressed after finishing this game today, wish it had an alternate ending depending on the fame and honor system, but an epic game ether way.

Acquiescence3084d ago

Hells bells, those online trophies were a bitch, seriously. Took as much time to get as the whole single player campaign did. I wouldn't have mind so much if the multiplayer wasn't such a hackjob of unresponsive controls and poorly implemented gameplay choices (appearing on the radar for all to see everytime you sprint!!! What a load of bullcrap).

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The story is too old to be commented.