Dragon Age bigger than Mass Effect

Rob Bartel, the principal designer at BioWare, has told MCV that last year’s PC and console release Dragon Age was the most successful game the studio has ever produced – trumping high-profile sci-fi release Mass Effect in the process.

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Wizziokid3056d ago

Dragon Age bigger than Mass Effect but not as good

Chris3993056d ago

So I politely disagree. I think that there's a lot more that can be done with the genre that doesn't involve coining Tolkien. With sci-fi, they've covered a tremendous scope of ideas already. I mean the big villains in Mass Effect are an ancient, machine race (and sometimes bio/ machine hybrid) bent on culling the intelligent life from the universe.

Really, any one that watches Star Trek saw that years ago. At least with Dragon Age they worked on a more original mythos (Old Gods, blood magic, corruption). It would have been nice if they ditched the elf/ dwarf/ human staple though and went with some entirely new races altogether.

jjohan353056d ago

I just wish they provided mouse support on the consoles. The PS3 is capable of using a USB mouse or bluetooth mouse. I really did not like the controls on the consoles on the original Dragon Age.

TheXgamerLive3056d ago

I thought Mass Effect sold more, much more bur if not Mass Effect 1 and especially 2 was much much better. \

Mass Effect 2 is one of my top 3 fav games of all time. Dragon Age, mmm not bad but not as good IMO.

Weaksauce11383056d ago

I just hope dragon age 2 isnt a carbon copy of LOTR. Dug the first one but by the end I felt jaded by the "ive seen this before" story, The first Mass Effect had waaaay better story, character development and atmosphere but DA:O was better in those regards than Mass Effect 2. Hopefully Bioware has enough resources on this that they can come up with something compelling. A good game needs more than a combat system and non-official tolkien cannon story.

Jack Klugman3056d ago

I am a big fan of Bioware but Dragon Age is not as good as Mass Effect. But then that Dungeons and Dragons sheet never appealed to me much anyway..

I played about 4 hours of DA and has been shelved ever since. While Mass Effect I've played through the SP story several times.

Imperator3056d ago

Give DA:O another try. The first time around I really hated the game and only played about 2 hours. After a few months, I went back and couldn't believe how wrong I had been. Great game.

Kahvipannu3056d ago

4 hours, the game haven't even started. I would highly recomend to give it a new change, game is epic.

BrokenAnarchy3056d ago

Do your have a PC that can handle it? Because I really couldn't get into the console version but once I played the PC version I loved the game. It is so much better.

Christopher3056d ago

'Better' is too subjective.

I prefer the storytelling in DA:O over ME2 and I equally love the shooter gameplay in ME2 as I love the squad-based tactical combat in DA:O. It's near impossible for me say that one is better than the other, but that's my opinion. Others will differ.

Xwow20083056d ago

is a better game than mass effect (gfx,gameplay and story)

BeaArthur3056d ago

Better graphically? Maybe on the PC versions but on a console the ME franchise looks much better.

- Ghost of Sparta -3056d ago

The PS3 version of Dragon Age destroyed the 360 port. It did look better than Mass Effect 2, which runs on the outdated UE3.

BeaArthur3056d ago

You wouldn't know, you are a troll and haven't played ME2 on a 360. I'd be willing to guess you haven't played it at all. Your opinion is irrelevant and laughable.

TheIneffableBob3056d ago

In my opinion, Dragon Age on PC looks better than Mass Effect 2 on PC. I'm getting tired of the Unreal Engine 3 "look".

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BeaArthur3056d ago

They're hard to compare, they play totally differently. I prefer the ME series but I am also more of a scifi nerd.

LilSis3056d ago

i coudnt even play it it was so bad...
it was only decorachion man....

Christopher3056d ago

Your comment is a good example of why kids should stay in school.

Reibooi3056d ago

I really don't like Dragon Age but I LOVE Mass Effect. I really don't like these generic D&D setting medieval games I just have seen it so much I don't care anymore and sure there are a few interesting takes on all that in Dragon Age it isn't enough to get me excited for that kind of game.

When I hear about a new RPG and then hear about it being D&D medieval focused I lose all interest in it nearly right away it's been done to death just like WWII games.

Mass Effect while basically having a space marine is entirely unique from the get go and is incredible all the way through. Cool races, awesome galaxy and of course great game play and story.

BubbRubb3056d ago

mass recruit 2 was the most overrated game the last few years by far, but i love me sum dragon age.

LilSis3056d ago

it was all crap on a controlor!

Chucky20033056d ago

It was better than ME2,Mass Effect 2 was worse than ME1

BubbRubb3056d ago (Edited 3056d ago )

represent! "ok, i finally recruited my team, time to go save the gal- oh, the game's over"


vhero3056d ago

I liked dragon age a lot but found the expansions a bit too pricey..

Lightsaber3056d ago

If EA would of let Bioware make the game exclusive to the 360 it at least be as good as Mass Effect. EA is already draggin bioware down. Biowares best days are behind them I'm afriad.

NYC_Gamer3056d ago

well too bad..because its multiplat and alot of gamers enjoy it..cry somewhere else

ThanatosDMC3055d ago

I disagree... but mainly because i love Dragon Age an making my character powerful enough to take on Nightmare mode by himself.

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Syaz13056d ago

it did sell faster and more than me2, but i still prefer me2. i always liked sci-fi, but dislike fantasy.

but at least this proves to ea that new ip, one that is hardcore on rpg elements, can sell a lot of copies. perhaps for me3, they should shift the game's focus to rpg again, rather than casualizing the gameplay.

MicroSony4Life3056d ago

or that it sold more combined with the 360 and PS3.

TheIneffableBob3055d ago

From above:
"Rob Bartel, the principal designer at BioWare, has told MCV that last year’s PC and console release Dragon Age was the most successful game the studio has ever produced – trumping high-profile sci-fi release Mass Effect in the process."

NYC_Gamer3056d ago

well dragon sold alot because its on 3 every 3rd party title should be

Dlacy13g3056d ago

Most forget, this game came out on all 3 (360, PS3 & PC). Now, that said...the console versions were pretty gimped compared to the PC so hopefully they can bring the console versions up to par in #2.

raztad3056d ago

I dont know what kind of agreement EA and MS reached to prevent ME to be on the PS3, but it is pretty clear DA is a much better financial option for both Bioware and EA.

I havent played DA1. I might try the PC version, my PC should be able to handle it. If the second get updated visuals, on par with other multiplat games, I'll give it a try.

Myst3056d ago

I think both are just great. Most will like the fast paced action of ME2 [I know I did], and if DA:O was like that I'm sure people would probably agree. Either way for what it is I loved DA:O and I probably do like it a bit better than ME2.

Maybe it's because of that Fantasy setting. Always did fancy that.

Kahvipannu3056d ago

Agreed, both are Epic. What makes these games great, are the worlds and characters. Bioware really creates something epic, deep, and believable, with every new IP, not just shallow world, with shallow characters.

Ares84PS33056d ago

in Dragon Age where like the controlls in Demon's Souls I would be all over this game. I just don't like the controlls it has,'s like an MMO.

Myst3056d ago

Yeah I figured it'd be a hit or miss with some people because of it's RTS nature. Then again it was similar to what Neverwinter Nights was so in that aspect it was cool for me. Though like I thought some would have liked it better had it been like Mass Effect or Oblivion type of game play.

Ares84PS33056d ago

...ME, Oblivion or Demon's Souls. I would be all over it if it had controlls like that.

There are gamers though who like the controlls as they are but I think more people would have purchased it if it wasn't like that.

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