Shuhei Yoshida On PS3's Move And 3D

Edge speaks to president of SCE Worldwide Studios, who says that Sony isn't forcing people to buy 3D TVs.

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"Interestingly, despite Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai asserting that PS3 will do for 3D in the living room what it did for for Blu-ray, Yoshida avoids positioning the 3D version of any game as the definitive one.

"We’re not necessarily saying that Killzone 3 in 3D is the best way, more that it’s just taking advantage of the technology... It’s a great experience that we believe in for the long term," he explains, before concuring with 3DS producer Hideki Konno's thoughts on the benefits of 3D.

"It allows games to show more depth – it clarifies which characters are in the background, and in a racing game it’s easier to judge distances at corners, for example."

"Of course, we understand that TVs aren’t cheap," he continues.

"And that people have long cycles before changing – some may use a TV for five years, others for ten years.

We’re not forcing people to buy a 3DTV now, but TV companies are making efforts – companies are announcing that in future most of them will be adopting 3D functionality as standard."


In my opinion, although the glass-less 3D TV wouldn't come in near time just yet, I understand their efforts for their 3D games & TVs.

Hopefully, they & others could perfected the 3D gaming & televisions.

Nike3079d ago

A good honest interview from the man. Truth be told, if the technology is impressive enough, than cost isn't really a major factor. This is true in the case of Blu-ray and even the adoption of Avatar into several theaters as a primarily 3D movie.

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Here is where his argument if flawed. Blu-ray players only cost $300 when they came out (at most) so they had a better adoption rate due to the low price point and of course PS3 owners got it as a bonus. The 3D TV's are extremely expensive and unless you are a PS3 owner there is not a lot of support for the technology yet. I mean TV stations still broadcast in 720p because of the price of HD and 3D is going to be even more expensive.

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When Bluray players were first released, the 20GB PS3 was the cheapest at $499. Standalones started at $800. Mass market adoption didn't occur until late 2008, when standalone players were available for under $150.

3D Flat Panels are expensive, but most flat panels are unless they are no-name Walmart brands. 3D Ready DLPs can be purchased for under $1500. There are 3D Plasmas and LCDs for under $2000. Remember the first 720p Plasmas? They started at a whopping $8000 at retail.

HD OTA broadcasts didn't become widely available until years after HDTVs were available at retail. Broadcasts are limited to 720p (and 1080i) due to bandwidth, not cost. 3D OTA broadcasts will likely compromise resolution. Satellite and Cable 3D broadcasts will probably just use better compression.

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from what i heard ps3 was the cheapest blu-ray player on the market when it launched and remained cheapest for 1-1.5 years

Apocalypse Shadow3079d ago

the guy responds with a comment that is flawed because he didn't do his research.

bluray players were expensive.ps3 was took almost a $200 dollar hit per system which is why they were taking losses early on.


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So you respond to my "flawed argument" with one of your own. Where did I talk about how much money Sony made when they released? I was talking about the cost to the consumer in regards to the adoption rate. Learn to read.

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He seems to be highlighting the fact that Bluray players were expensive to make so therefore expensive for the consumer to buy.
He is also pointing out that the PS3 was the cheapest Bluray player on the market for a good while but only because Sony were prepared to sell it at a loss, this is countering your claim that Bluray players were at most $300 when first released.
Apocalypse Shadow makes a valid point.

Apocalypse Shadow3079d ago

was that you can't read.wh15ky nailed it perfectly.

seems he can read.

as i said,you didn't do any research to know what you should have said.or you wouldn't have been caught lying.

also,the bluray-hddvd battle helped bring bluray players down to a reasonable price for people to afford.

you also failed at a great comeback.

JustTheFactsMr3079d ago

Best Buy has the samsung 46" 3D for $1399 with two free pairs of glasses.

They have the samsung 46" 2D version for $1699.

Were is your extremely expensive argument again?

Oh right your just here to spread as much disinformation as you can.

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Yoshida looks like a smart man. He knows his business :)

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"Here is where his argument if flawed."...

What argument?

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