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TheColbertinator3081d ago

That one of the hottest covers I have ever seen in gaming

klado3081d ago

So freaking want this game, one of the best rpg out there.

Imperator3081d ago

I really hate how the green on the 360 boxes ruins a LOT of boxarts. Why couldn't MS pick a more neutral color.

R2D23081d ago

if they dont improve on the graphics in part two I wont be getting it. Dont get me wrong I am no graphic whore but after playing Mass Effect 2 and saw how nice it looked compared to DA - I was like WTF Bioware.

iamgoatman3081d ago

Dragon Age at times had a lot of AI on screen, which may be why the visuals had to take a hit. Mass Effect on the other hand only had a few AI on screen at any given point, plus the games ran on 2 different engines, with ME running on UE3 which isn't exactly demanding.

Slient Knight 93081d ago

maybe you play as morrigan child

MicroSony4Life3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I am not going to lie I was of them who flew to the moon and back for her and that slut was never plased - I am such a sucker for brunnets : )

On my second play through I was not such a sucker and that witch did not have me under her love spell - hell she even wanted me to kill her mother and I was like hell nah!!

It was a hard choice becuse I never turn down some botty in real life and the fact that I had to choose to sleep with her and live on or not sleep with her and die made my choice not to sleep with her even harder. In the end I also did not want a basterd child running around becasue I knew that in part 2 he would come looking for me and I would have to kill my own Son/Daughter.

ravinash3081d ago

looks more like concept art to me.

Spenok3080d ago

True, this looks awesome. To bad it most likely wont be the final retail art though.

NYC_Gamer3081d ago

hope its the retail art

Monkey5213081d ago

That's not the box art. Considering that no gameplay has been shown, that's concept art. Usually box art isn't finalized until close to the product going gold.

BeaArthur3081d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this changes.

iceman28853081d ago

I can't imagine them showing the character on the box art either since part of the fun of Dragon Age is you get to play as your own character.

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The story is too old to be commented.