Deep Black to Serve Up 3rd Person Underwater Action

"This morning publisher 505 Games announced their partnership with Russian developers Biart Studio to bring Deep Black to the PS3 and Xbox 360."


Confirmed: Deep Black will be a full retail release.

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CrAppleton2934d ago

505 keeps coming up with interesting titles. I'm curious to see how this one turns out

killyourfm2934d ago

"interesting" is one's definitely quirky, niche stuff lately that seems to be love/hate. Backbreaker, Naval Assault, Naughty Bear...

Unbiased12934d ago

Is it just me of "deep black" sounds like porno movie title?

BYE2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

This concept sounds very interesting indeed.

I always wondered why nobody did this before, so much potential.

killyourfm2934d ago (Edited 2934d ago )

HAHA, well NOW it's not just you. LOL. Bubbles!

DeadlyFire2933d ago

Is this title also coming to PC? on site under videogames it is listed as PC, PS3, X360, but article on site just says PS3 and X360 as well. Says engine is for PC, PS3, X360, PSP as well. So PSP might get game as well and the PC. Just gotta wait and see.

Queasy2934d ago

Hope it comes out better than that underwater shooter that MS gave out for free because of the Live outage a couple of years back.

Neco5122934d ago

Haha, this already looks better than that.. though.. that game wasn't too bad. I can't remember the name of it.. but I didn't think it was horrible or anything

DaRockSays2934d ago

you know, there's a reason you can't remember the name ;-)

DelbertGrady2934d ago

Undertow. Made by Chair Entertainment who's also behind Shadow Complex - probably the best DLC game out there.

BillOreilly2934d ago

for sure shadow complex was great my gf played it to death she was better than i was

ZILLA2934d ago

to DEEP WATER HORIZON!and have missions of how to stop the oil from leaking into the gulf.sure to sell millons!

R2D22934d ago

Lets make Obama the main charater while we are making a wish list.

killyourfm2934d ago

Zilla, I totally sent your comment to Steve @ 505. Ya never know :-)

2934d ago
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