Future Firmware Update Details

It has been revealed that the 3D Blu-ray update "available in the Fall" will actually hit consoles sometime in September. Additionally, that won't be the end of the 3D upgrades, as a further patch will arrive later to bring 3D photo compatibility to the machine.

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Godmars2903080d ago

Where MS is just playing catch up with 3D gaming, come up with their own way of doing it, Sony's doing game, movies and pictures in 3D.

DA_SHREDDER3080d ago

I could care less about anything until I get my cross game chat. Really, the ps3 should be a gaming console first and foremost. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Milky Joe3080d ago

*couldn't... you couldn't care less...

What you said does not mean what you seem to think it means...

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ravinash3080d ago

It should be a gaming console first....correct!

It should play games with the best graphics in full HD and 3d.
Not doing party chat...its not a telephone.

Focker-4203080d ago

I wonder what everyone will bitch about after Cross Game Chat is implemented. Then what?! It seems every1 and their moms complain about. So when they do put it in what will everyone be crying about??

It seems to me like its more of an excuse to be against the PS3. Most of the people moaning about it won't even use the feature.

skip2mylou3080d ago

o my! the irony gaming console first? no because cross game party chat isnt something that is really needed of a game console

Snakefist303080d ago

Wat The Use Of Having Cross game chat.I Dont Find Any Useful To Me Its Annoying When Playing A Game Talking To Sombody It Totally Loses Ur Concentration In A Game.If U Want Talk Use A Phone.

Dramscus3080d ago

Cross game chat ruins online gaming.

OneSneakyMofo3079d ago

This^ When I play Uncharted 2 on Elimination, my friends tell me where people are. I don't want to hear them tell where they are so I can kill them first. It just ruins my gaming experience.

Hallucinate3079d ago

lol bit contadictive 'I could care less about anything until I get my cross game chat. Really, the ps3 should be a gaming console first and foremost.' last i checked x game chat was a social thing not a game thing

gamerzBEreal173079d ago

omg are u serious? allanyone wants is cross game chat what is cross game chat? a thing to send private chats to ur friends while ur playing differnt games cross game chats but i can play halo3 while talking to my friend playing killzone2 i can play motorsorm while talking to my friend playing forza i can get off the game and take my cross game chat with me in my truck tell my friend to meet me in real life at a bar have a drink come back cross game chat with another friend and go to sleep yup u gussed it A CELL PHONE!!!! u have it use it jesus christ its not that important and is not a need to play games i would think u guys moved on by now

Dramscus3079d ago

thing about that is a lot of people don't game with people they know in real life. Just e-friends.

getonmylev3l3079d ago

Cross game chat is overrated. it shouldn't determine if an online service is good or not.

sikbeta3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )


You're saying that XGC is fundamental for a Gaming Console?

I don't Give a DAMN about XGC, I want more Features, Last Update was Great For Me, Damn it's a matter of time for XGC to come out and I hope Sony charge for it and see IF people would still believe XGC is That Important...


Sony is the Only one That can do that, Others don't have the Industries Stakes to try to impose New Tech and at the Same Time give the Support to make it the Standard, that's Why 3D is Here to Stay, the same way Blu-Ray is Here To Stay, the same way Sony made Cassettes and CDs the Standard in their respective periods...

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sinncross3080d ago

Moving 3D from games to movies and pictures is a good move on Sony's part. Allows the console to be fully 3D enabled.

D4RkNIKON3080d ago

Yeah, fuji has a 3D camera that takes 3D pictures and when printed on special paper can be viewed in 3D too without glasses.

Awesome stuff, as a professional photographer I would love for 3D photography to take off. It would really add a new dimension to my work, quite literally.

sensor213079d ago ShowReplies(5)
sensor213079d ago

get some cross game movie or dashboard chat til u talk to me literally

Sitdown3079d ago

I am not saying you are right or wrong, but outside of 3D stuff......can you name all the other "consumer tech" items that Sony and Microsoft are battling head to head with, that Sony is beating MS at. I mean outside of gaming consoles, I never really put them fighting against one another.

maxcer3079d ago

quite the opposite, sony and ms have partnerships outside of the console business like the OS' for viao and their new set-top cable box. you can probably add mobile phones to boot

MazzingerZ3079d ago

once the cross-game chat is's going to be "there's no Party chat system"...just like graphics weren't good on the PS3 in the past or there was no in-game XMB...get a PS3 and enjoy the games

IdleLeeSiuLung3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

yep, and again I have to spend gazillion more money on a new TV and a pair of $200 or so glasses for each person. What is that like at least $2000?

I won't benefit from this in the next years, until perhaps the next console cycle. But it seems people just love to pay for "future" features they don't really need now or have the means to use.

mac_sparrow3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

the price of new technology is usually prohibitive to the mass markets, this is not new nor is it shocking.

If 3D doesn't interest you now because of price then you are a potential future customer now when it hits the sweet spot.

Early adopters pay a premium for products, which in turn aids development of new technologies.

It is foolish to dismiss a tech based on price factor alone, not calling you personally foolish, just this approach.

Personally, I think that the prices are damn reasonable when compared to HDTV's original non 1080p sets, and if my current TV either breaks in the next 3 years or not I will be looking very hard at both the 3d TV's and my bank balance.

IdleLeeSiuLung3079d ago

It is fine to push new technology and new technology is usually over the top expensive.

What I'm referring to is the fact that this technology whom is talked about so much will be used by a fraction of PS3 (or Xbox 360 in some cases) owning population.

You hit the nail on the head with "if my current TV either breaks in the next 3 years or not I will be looking very hard at both the 3d TV's". That is my point, nobody is rushing out to buy it and by the time you are ready for it and the prices have come down, the next generation is out.

I guess the cost of implementing 3D into games are small for developers, but Sony aren't supporting features that gamers want now and immediately usable and desirable now like cross game chat. Instead they are focusing on 3D, with the vast majority will be unable to use or willing to pay for in the next 1-2 years at least.

sensor213079d ago

U cant talk with fellow gamers, charge controller while PS3 is off, read messages on arrival but ur future tech eh. Just like blu ray tech that has not caught on yet 3-D is not ready for every household but everyone talks read messages and can charge their batteries while eating dinner FUTURE TECH EH

PS I can stream blu ray through my PC to my Box and didnt have to pay for it FUTURE TECH

moparful993079d ago

You can talk with fellow gamers, You can charge your controllers when the console is off with a charge stand(15 bucks for mine, alot less then a years worth of batteries) I can read messages instantly, ohh and blu-ray accounts for nearly half of all movie sales. You can stream blu-ray? No you can stream ripped, and compressed files that dont have the same fidelity as content streamed from the disc. Ohh and your 360 doesnt allow 7.1 surround sound.. Soo yea have fun with your "future tech" 360...

Siesser3079d ago

You can plug the controller into any random usb port laying around - pc, reciever, cable box, probably even a micro-usb cell phone charger...

mac_sparrow3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

actually blu-ray is selling at a better rate than DVD at the same point in its lifecycle. You cant compare DVD now to Blu-Ray now. (Which appears to be what you are attempting to do by saying it hasn't taken off. By the way, how would you rate digital downloads?)


"The figures demonstrate the increasingly popularity of the BD format, which is currently driving growth across the home entertainment market. Sales of Blu-ray Discs are up 69.5% (up 50% in value) on the same period in 2009, reaching 2.7m units in the first three months of the year, taking the total number of Blu-ray Discs sold to 15.6m units since launch."

Can't find the link at present, but here's an interesting and relevant article.

Luchiano3079d ago

I don't care about cross-game chat..... I just want private chat for all games.

jeseth3079d ago

...but I could really care less about it. I wind up turning off my mic during online gaming (especially on COD) because of all the sh!t-talking and childish behavior.
Cross game chat is something few PS3 owners even mention and one of the only things 360 fanboys cling to as a lone remaining arguing point against the PS3.

I'll take the best exclusives from the widest variety of genres with the best graphics over "chatting".

After all . . . I'm a gamer. Not a gossip queen.

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sinncross3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Speaking of which, could Ventrilo, in theory, be used on the PS3 if Sony allowed it

I understand that many games include their own Voip but if Ventrilo was brought to the PS3 I assume you could switch channels from game specific voip, to friend specific.

OpenGL3080d ago

Well sure, in theory Sony could integrate a Ventrilo client into the PS3 XMB if they were able to fit it within the 40MB or so OS memory footprint.

DA_SHREDDER3080d ago

Hey im down for it, now just bring it.

tdrules3080d ago

Skype will come to the PS3, it's only a matter of time.
More chance of that than Ventrilo/TS

OpenGL3080d ago

I agree tdrules, seeing as they previously put it on the PSP. The only issue is whether or not the PS3 will support Skype with the in-game XMB.

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PirosThe4th3080d ago

I really don't see the point... of it...

Just useless feature... See... when we get it... no one is going to use it...

ravinash3080d ago

So what your saying is one day down the line where you have to replace your old TV with a new one. And all new TVs will have 3D at some point.
You'll set this up with your console and your not even going to give it a try?

cobraagent3080d ago

he was refering to cross game chat not 3d

Godmars2903080d ago

So we can then b*tch about its overall quality to XBL, and weather or not we have to pay to use it.

NYC_Gamer3080d ago

continue to bring us new features

byeGollum3080d ago

damn..but hopefully I dont go blind in a few years because then I won't be able to see my PreciousSssS

BX813080d ago

Sony has failed it's fans on this point: Xgame chat and the whole chat in general. Y can't I talk in a private room while playing the same game let alone a different one? This is the only thing besides the controller that really urks me about the PS3.

edhe3080d ago

And many many people do.

BX813079d ago

So you shouldn't be able to use xgame chat or private room chat in any game unless you buy a 360? Please don't tell me you work for Sony marketing. The fans have been screaming about this for a while. You mean to tell me Sony can manage to find a way to have players pay for a service (PSN plus) but can't include x game chat or private room in game chat? C'mon! All I'm saying is this yes I love my PS3 but it's lacking in the online community and online features. The community you can't do too much about unless you have more of the features that gamers want.

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NexGen3080d ago

I hate cross game chat...I usually leave the chat party if mixed games are a part of the chat party. It's too distracting, and annoying, and a general clusterf*ck to be enjoyable.

I mean, think about're playing co-op in a party with some people and others from a completely different genre join in. Half the people in the party are talking about how they're going to kill a dragon (for example) and the other half is talking about headshots and campers. It's annoying.

DarkSpawnClone3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

well i don't want it so i can talk to people in other games i want it to talk to people and friends that are playing the SAME game i am playing!!! i like to talk to my friends with out other idiots trying to trash talk or get involved or to tell me to shut, turning every thing in to a trash talk war LOL

the-show-stopper3079d ago

theres a mute button for that

moparful993079d ago

I am sick and tired of all of you people screaming about cross game chat.. Just wait when it finally comes out and you see how invasive it is while playing call of duty or something where team co-ordination is very important you will find you dont use it at all.. I promise you this. Besides its a social feature and in no way augments or improves the core gameplay at all. Its just a bullet point for the 360 zealots to hold over the ps3 and frankly its all they have.. You talk about private chats within a game well killzone 2 has the option to join a squad and once you do join that squad you only communicate with those people so yes its possible on the ps3 but nobody integrates it because its really not that important.. Now as far as the overall feeling of "connected" on xbox live. So it has a few social features but is it really worth paying to play online? I really dont think so, I think its just a ploy to make you feel justified in spending that money when you can have a similar experience on the ps3 for free.. But if you like to waste your money go ahead I cant stop you...

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