Sony: Watch our rivals go next-gen first

Successors to the Wii and Xbox 360 are more likely to arrive before the release of the PlayStation 4, according to a top Sony exec.

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FangBlade3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Take your time Sony.

Joule3081d ago

Their's only one drawback to this, the other consoles will have more sales and people will be like, wow PS4 sucks its in third place again.

I_find_it_funny3081d ago

I wonder if trophies and gained level will carry on :)

Conloles3081d ago Show
nix3081d ago

PS3 is already doing what Xbox 720/WII 2 will do. 3D gaming. 250+ online play. amazing graphics. blu-ray. motion-control gaming.

Palodios3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I get the feeling Sony learned from its mistakes. They'll put all the bells and whistles in the ps4(like they did with the ps3) like 3d, higher resolution, and whatever the next technology is. But I seriously bet they'll keep it simpler to program for, and much more affordable.

Chubear3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Are people really this blind? COME ON! How much more obvious does it have to be?

On a side note; the Wii2 is going to be essentially an xbox360. Nintendo can now have this current gen specs in their new system and sell it for $249 or $199 2-3yrs from now and make profit from day one. Essentially making next gen other gamers last gen.

Now watch people go crazy for the graphics of mario and Zelda using 360 specs and ignore the fact that's what they should have been experiencing this gen and not next. Crazy.

@ palodios
ur right. Sony won't make a big a jump in tech as the PS1-PS2 & PS2-PS3 but it'll still be a solid jump. They'll dominate next gen from the get go next gen cause of this but look for them to continue the trend of pushing technological boundries for gaming for the PS5.


Danja3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

not quite the Wii 2 will probably have graphics like what the PS3 is now outputting just my guess if so the PS3 will still be able to compete , not too sure about the 360 as we really dont know which direction MS will be taking its next home console depends on the outcome of Kinect im guessing

EDIT : @ Below

are you still believing the media crap about the PS3 not having games the first year on the Market ?

Heavenly Sword
Virtual Fighter 5
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Ratchet and Clank
The Eye of Judgement

come on thats alot of content in the first year and there online system work yes thw PSN was lacking but it was a a new service it was impossible to expect it to out do Live in a year

Double Toasted3081d ago

The PS3 didn't suffer from not having "bells & whistle", it suffered from no games for at least the first year and not having their online shit together for like 3 years. Add that to the fact they came out a year after MS and still didn't have it competent enough.

BYE3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

What people need to realise that you can't compare the sales.

What you can compare is 3 vs 3 years of PS3 / Xbox 360, but not 3 vs 4 years.

Xbox 360: 2006 + 2007 + 2008 = 26m
PS3: 2007 + 2008 + 2009 = 29m

So PS3 IS the better selling console.

jjesso19933081d ago

even with a year a bit head start the 360 still is only 4-5 million ahead.

and with failers rates who is going to invest in micrsoft console again without waiting to see how reliable is the hardware. any one with commen sense the only reason people rebuy xbox 360's after RROD e74 ect is becuase they have spent 1000 on games.

Anon19743081d ago

I loved my original Xbox. It was by far my console of choice last gen and was easily the most powerful console on the market. The problem was when it came out it was up against a firmly entrenched PS2 market. The PS2 was still pumping out amazing games and the console itself was much, much cheaper than the Xbox. The Xbox never really had a chance in this market.

Flash forward 2-3 years and I think we'll see much the same thing. The PS3 will be cheaper and have it's position firmly entrenched, and we've already seen what it can do for games. Any new comers are going to have to face off against that - and the cheap price of the PS3 alone will be quite an obstacle for any new system to go up against. And really, what can a new console offer right now that the PS3 can't handle? Slightly better graphics? Blu-Ray? Some other format?

I think it'll be the Xbox/PS2/GC all over again.

Sitdown3081d ago

So does that also not mean that the ps3 is doing what the ps4 will do as well?...or does it not work that way?

WhittO3080d ago

I think the 360 will show it's age ALOT sooner than PS3 will.

If MS released the Xbox 720, I think the PS3 exclusives would be able to stand against it visually.

cjflora3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Where is the "What the fuck did he just say?" option when removing a bubble from ELEMENTYee?

@whitto - The 360 is already showing its age.

Seferoth753080d ago

What people need to realise that you can't compare the sales.

What you can compare is 3 vs 3 years of PS3 / Xbox 360, but not 3 vs 4 years.

Xbox 360: 2006 + 2007 + 2008 = 26m
PS3: 2006+ 2007 + 2008 + 2009 = 29m
Wii: 2006+ 2007 + 2008 + 2009 = 60 million
So Wii IS the better selling console

Fixed that for you kid.

No Way3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

And, that should matter to you.. why?

@ELEMENTYee - Uhm, care to try that again?

And, @whitto - I don't believe that.

cmrbe3080d ago

Nin and MS will have no option but at least go for Blu-ray, HDMI 1.3, 3d gaming next gen.

Here is the kicker though. The PS3 will be dirt cheap and basically still competing with the next xbox and wii. However the PS3 will also have a huge installbase that devs and publisher will love and focus developing mainly for the PS3. By then the general mass consumer that flocked to the wii will opt for the PS3.

Last but not least. Sony is one step ahead of the competition in tech and its learning curve. When MS and Nin move to PS3 level specs. MS and Nin will have to learn what Sony have already learned since 2006. Manufacturing process, optimisation and cost reduction which Sony have already learned from the PS3.

As you can see. Sony will always be one step head of competition.

WhittO3080d ago

I was talking about if MS released the 720 soon, not in like 4 years time.

Usually when a new console comes out, the first gen games barely look better than the latest games on the previous gen consoles.

Maybe in 4 years time though, would show age, but PS3 games just keep getting more visually impressive, with no sign of "Maxing out".

LilSis3080d ago

sony dosent need a PS4 anytime soon... lol
MS just came out with that new Xbox that they should of came out with like 5yrs ago...

RedRingRedemption3080d ago

How is Conloles' comment trolling? Jesus N4G, lighten up. People are getting banned for expression their opinion like this.

On topic: Sony's always going for the 10-year lifespan. MS may have gotten a head start early this gen, but look were they are now. Sony is positioned much better--and Nintendo, well, anything they make sells.

Gamerbee3080d ago

MS is stuck between a rock & a hard place. They still cant use blu ray because Sony owns it. & they only hold the market share because they release first & Sony got delayed & had a pretty bad launch. But now Sony is on the ball & MS is plagued with unlreliable hardware, so If a new console is released. Gamers will be very cautiuous. Most wont even take that risk again coz they'll be fed up. Me & my friend are anyway. Thats why we went PS3 & will never go back to MS.

Thats is all.

BumpFrankie3080d ago

Microsoft has already confirmed the 360 can do 3D gaming. They just think, like every other person on this planet Earth, that 3D is just a gimmick and wont kick off. Which is absolutely correct.
360 graphics are still pretty damn good. It all depends on the developer and if they can utilize the hardware properly or not. Unreal Engine 3 runs fabulously on the 360 hardware and the games look good. Now you're thinking: "lawl Gaylo3 grafix suckd huuuuge [email protected]!!" I agree, Bungie's Halo engine is definetely showing its age.

Its not like the 360 cant do "250+ gaemin!!" Once again its the developers who make the game that way. Most developers focus on features, graphics and gameplay more than how many people can connect in one server. MAG is a very bad game and dont act like it isnt.

The only think PS3 has over 360 is Blu-ray.

Keep in mind that I own both consoles. I just want to justify the 360 since you have no knowledge of what it can do.

RumbleFish3080d ago

Don't forget that SONY are selling three software supported platforms at the moment. They have more than 200 000 000 consoles and handhelds out that receive new software, and they will release a new handheld before PS4. In fact they are in first place. And they will be in first place when PS 4 launches because they will continue selling PS 3 just like they are doing now with PS 2.

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Inside_out3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Take your time Sony, it worked out so great coming out last this gen. I doubt Sony will let M$ and Nintendo get the jump on them this time. If they do, it will be very tough for Sony to make up ground.

The next machines will be super powerful and I suspect M$ will have World of Warcraft type of MMO's ready to go. Of course Halo 4 and Gears 4 as launch titles would help. What happens at retail this holiday will change everything. Nintendo is already hurting, Sony is gambling AGAIN, this time with 3D. M$ is hoping to have a smash hit with Kinect. Wait and see I guess.

Jamegohanssj53081d ago

Kinect and 360 s is the 720. PS3 Move is the Wii 2. Sony wins lol.


himdeel3081d ago

...right now there's seems to be only so much farther consoles can go with respect to graphics given they are static devices. So whatever the next iteration of the Micrsoft or Nintendo console is I wont feel like I'm left behind by staying on the PS3. Likewise if new consoles after this generation don't bring anything significantly new to the table the purchase itself is difficult for me to justify.

Starlight3081d ago

Well said. I don't think I will buy a new console just because it has shiner graphics and 6 UB 3.0's. This applies to all 3 hardware giants.

Make a new console by all means, but don't just improve the GPU, CPU and encase it in a new box. Evolve your online services, make the console worthwhile.

The Lazy One3081d ago

Graphics aren't everything, there's still a lot that can be done with GPGPUs and other multi-core CPUs as well as significant upgrades to the memory that would make an enormous impact on the gameplay, not just the graphics. There's also certainly a large amount of optimizations that can be made to the buses that connect all of them.

There's also a lot of optimizations that can be made to the machines to make them better for digital distribution, which is a future all the companies have in mind. It lowers costs enormously for everyone.

SaberEdge3080d ago

You say that now, but when you see the kinds of graphics and physics that the next generation consoles will be able to produce I think you will change your mind.

Consoldtobots3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I agree with you Chubear in that I think this is MS last hoorah in the console market. HOWEVER, just in case they decide they haven't had enough Sony will wait to make their move in an effort to counter microsoft's copycat strategy for their hardware offerings. Sony will not be 1-upped by copycats!


PS3 has already effectively dealt with any industry focus on the 360 as a main platform for their games. When MOVE comes out it will kill off interest in the Wii. I've spoken to several Wii owners about MOVE + HD graphics on the PS3 and they all say the same thing. "When that comes out my Wii is going in the closet". NUFF SAID.

The Lazy One3081d ago

why do people think this? That would be an absolutely idiotic business maneuver. You do not shut down a branch of your company when it starts doing well.

If the 360 were not making them money, then maybe they'd not make a new system, but it's doing very well. It has a larger part of the market and outsold the original xbox and is actually making a profit now. You may hate microsoft, but they aren't stupid enough to say no to free money.

xxLuckyStrike3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

all I can say is Wow...blind, dumb, and deaf aint got shit on Sony lost over half its marketshare to the 360 and Wii and yet you seem to think Sony is on top of in the rear with the gear...3rd place.. from 140 million to 35 million...Could be Sony who's had enough..


PSN= Xbox Live
PSeye/EyeToy= Dream Eye (Sega)
Move= Wii mote

* the list goes on

Gun_Senshi3080d ago

- Dreameye if you had it was only a Webcam, not a motion sensing device.

- XBL was not original, its copy from Dreamcast Online, which was better and more reliable then current XBL

- Move was in production for Eyetoy, before Nintendo even thought about the Wii

xxLuckyStrike3080d ago

- Dreameye if you had it was only a Webcam, not a motion sensing device.


- XBL was not original, its copy from Dreamcast Online, which was better and more reliable then current XBL...


- Move was in production for Eyetoy, before Nintendo even thought about the Wii ....


moparful993080d ago

This console generation isn't even half way over and your calling victory? Microsofts 360 fanbase is mostly comprised of the people who bought the original xbox, the wii has a solid lock on the casual market. So in essence sony is surviving just fine in a crowded market and is even selling more consoles year on year than the 360. Keep buying into microsofts huge list of PR bull.. I'll keep playing top notch games on a reliable console with free online play..

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The Lazy One3081d ago

That would not be very smart of Sony. They'd have to hedge their bets on M$ and Nintendo both messing up so they could hop in, but if neither of them messes up then Sony would end up losing more market share.

Unfortunately consoles aren't always bought off of what's good, but rather what's popular. By the time a PS4 is released, it's hype could be overshadowed just by the word of mouth of all your friends who own a nintendo or M$ console. They should shoot to launch either at the same time as one of them or between them.

There's still probably a couple more years before anything comes out though.

N4g_null3080d ago

I don't know if that's a good idea. SONY does not have a monopoly on tech or artist nore programmers. Sure you guys love their stuff but many like 3rd party games and the competition better.

I think good old raztaz listed some of the PS3 future proof tech.

Blu ray(great for movies but has many flaws like data read write speeds, the industry wants a media that can replace harddrives size and speed wise)
3d graphics(great if you can stand it)
capable graphics( 30 frames a sec, some times HD 1080)
price really it took the PS2 5 years almost to reach that price and it sold crazy well. Expect the PS3 to stay at the same price for another 5 years. Sony just started to turn a profit.

SONY should aggressively focus on clearing these issues into the next system.

The cell is really not the problem when it comes to making games it's the bandwidth. To share data between the spus and even from the GPU will kill your speed.

I don't know. I just bought a new laptop with a HD5000 gpu in it and it was under $1200 with an i7 cpu and 8 gigs of ram. Do you guys seriously believe that this same tech i bought will not be in the next consoles?

Ram is crazy cheap now and nintendo and MS could buy in bulk which would bring down the price even more.

True ram is not the end all be all but with added bandwidth you can make stuff that just isn't possible on the PS3 at 60+ frame per second which would be crazy fast to most PS3 owner now in HD.

This is a very dangerous gamble SONY is pulling and we all know PS3 owners are all about their graphics and many are not loyal to sony, example the PS2 to PS3 adoption rate was shattered in a negative way.

Many PS3 owner have a second system also. Which means they are going to upgrade regardless and then wait for the new PS4 yet if you put nintendo franchise with 3rd party support you have an unstoppable combination.

Just think a hd console with xbox 360 support plus many sony only camps since they are japanese also, with out the rrod then add nintendo franchise which where all pretty much prefect this gen. On top of this nintendo adopts an easy to develop for ethos.

This is why the 3ds has the support it has from the beginning.

I believe SONY is just waiting to see what will happen then make there move. Which is not always a good thing.

Right now look up sdxc those cards start at 64 gigs which is the size of a blu ray and go up to 2 terabytes with out the need of an expensive laser. These things can fit in a ds like device also and is already supported by the wii i believe. Yet here is the kicker the 2 tera version has read speeds 300MB per second the PS3 read speed for blu ray is close to 10md per second. This little card will wipe the floor with blu ray yet blu ray will stay a movie format.

Then we have the GPU situation. the next nintendo is coming in 2015 and the Llano has a lot to do with that. Right now tech wise the wii is effectively a proof of concept in that is pretty much is a system on chip design with both the GPU and cpu on the same die. Expect this same setup for the next nintendo console because it yields the most bandwidth and power reduction and make it possible to scale the chip down and increase profits.

Sure nintendo doesn't make too much tech but SONY competitors do and they like money and nintendo has that.I bet SONY didn't see the 3ds coming at all. next gen is going to be fun. I just hope sony is a big player then.

Ju3080d ago

You sound like in panic mode. Nothing is over just because you don't jump on the first bandwagon which comes by.

3DS is DS market. PSP is Playstation market. We'll see if the 3DS can actually transform the DS into a more core game focused market. I doubt it, though. It will eat into it, but not become the hardcore portable console most here are asking for. It is still not strong enough. I just think, a high end portable core console has a smaller market than one which has the typical Nintendo franchises. I guess a PSP2 will simply blow it out of the water - performance wise and the game will just look better ; i don't expect it to support a 3D display. I even doubt it will work to great in the 3DS (outside in sunlight ??).

The PS3 is just fine. Obviously it will loose against the next cycle of Wii/XBox performance wise. But the question remains how much and how big will the PS3 price advantage be ? Price can play a very important role in that whole scenario.

Also, 2 years can be significant in improving technology. Releasing 2 years later, that is. This even allows to listen to critics of the competitors and try to fix their problems in your own product. I also can understand, that the PS3 will be very competitive during those 2 years.

It would be fatal, would Sony just lean back and do nothing. But I am pretty sure they monitor the technology market very well. They might even have ongoing research, but no clear cut in date, yet.

I personally think, if we can belief those rumors, Sony is working on a third tear gaming machine, in between the PS3 and the PSP. I belief we'll see a PSPad soon. A 6-10" WiFi gaming device, which can run an OS (I suspect Android).

This will open a complete new segment for Sony and grow their market in a not saturated area. They have all the assets necessary to do that. I think we'll see that sooner than later.

With such a third branch, it takes the cost pressure away from the PSP (which will see a PSP2 when the time's right) and the PS3.

There is really no need to run into a post PS3 generation right away which is a high risk high investment project right now. The PS3 works. Why touch it. It still has potential for what it is.

ChickeyCantor3080d ago

" We'll see if the 3DS can actually transform the DS into a more core game focused market."

It already did...
Besides DS is a hardcore system.
Hell most gamers prefer DS over PSP.

N4g_null3080d ago

LOL seriously panic mode, not really sony could leave like nec and I would not be sad same goes for nintendo. Yet it would be sad to see one bail.

Have the attitude that every thing is going to be fine will put your company into bankruptcy. SONy needs to drop this and seriously ask people why they are not developing for the PS3 and why games are being delayed and why people are not buying their latest perfect games.

Ju the 3rd parties have spoken man. That along will insure hardcore support. The PSP and wii are almost comparable tech wise you just drop the texture a little more and take some polys out.Yet the DS has support from every one so i'm not sure where you get the non hardcore idea of the ds from, hell we even got a ninga gaiden and contra sequel!

Then on top of that even more hardcore gamers liked the games coming to the system. Also the DS was the hardcore portable of choice, way more RPGs.

I think SONY is watching also but they better be improving the blu ray tech to compete against the sdxc cards because we all know that nintendo loves sd cards which is why they loved carts also speed.

Nintendo watches tech a little more than SONY i believe since people are always contacting them with new tech, did you know many companies will approach nintendo with tech before SONY? Simply because nintendo is not in competition with them. On top of this SONY is not the intel or nvidia or gaming tech IBM is.

I don't know but seriously keep an eye on other tech my friend. The next gen may not be off the shelf parts like this HD one. Right now nintendo is far more dangerous and tech will be dropping fairly fast and nintendo can also use this gen sales as a barging chip to lower cost even more.

You did look up sdxc right that read speed is crazy and 2 terabytes wow. You won't even need a harddrive each game could be a harddrive!

RatFuker3080d ago

What people need to realise that you can't compare the sales.

What you can compare is 3 vs 3 years of PS3 / Xbox 360, but not 3 vs 4 years.

Xbox 360: 2006 + 2007 + 2008 = 26m
PS3: 2007 + 2008 + 2009 = 29m

So PS3 IS the better selling console.

II Necroplasm II3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

PC has superior games? lol! People buy a PS3 for $300,plug it in, grab a controller, hop on the couch and relax.

Now..that is great gaming.

commodore643080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

It's a sad day when this is being spun as a positive for Sony.

Fact is, the 360 launched first and has managed to keep the ps3 in third place as a result, probably for some time to come.
Honestly, after the success of the ps2, who was expecting this?

A similar thing happened with the ps2, which managed to gain additional marketshare as a result of launching over a year before the xbox1.
True to form, the box1 was forced to sell at a loss merely to be

Manufacturers of consoles know, that in any given technology cycle, the publisher who moves first has the advantage of establishing an install base lead.
The 360 success of stealing Sony's marketshare as proven this to be true.

This is why MS rushed the original 360 to market.
This is why the 360 is still ahead of the ps3, even after Sony was forced to sell its ps3 at such monumental losses to establish its install base.

Realistically speaking, Sony would LOVE to launch first - but they simply cannot!
First they need to recoup the losses on ps3.
It's business 101, folks.
Sony attempting to spin their competitor's ability to launch first into a negative, is simply poor form and fanboy fodder.

As expected, N4g ps3 fans eat this with a spoon.
Anything is better than facing the truth.

moparful993080d ago

What is sad is how you rationalized this poor excuse for a response. Yea the 360 launched first, they did so as an incomplete console. No wifi built in, no hdmi port, no optical out, no interchangeable hard drives, out-dated dvd 9 technology... Microsoft knew the ONLY way to compete with a company like sony was to beat them to market. So they did and at the expense of its fans and userbase. Despite knowledge of the red ring of death microsoft launched anyway and it was a at least a 1 billion dollar mistake. No one knows the true number because microsoft will not release numbers in regards to the red ring of death. Moreso sony continues to gain ground on microsoft and has outsold the 360 every year since 2007. To top it all off sony is actually making profit off of the ps3 now and with the added income flow of ps+ sony is in a position to market and push the ps3 like never before. With a library of exclusives that nobody in the industry can match its easy to see why you and your 360 bretheren are scared and feel compelled to post such utter rubbish online. You are afraid of sony doint to microsoft what they have to every other console since the launch of the ps1 all those years ago.. Keep flamebaiting all you want but it wont change the fact that the ps3 is proving how much more of a value it is then the 360..

ukilnme3080d ago

Well said as usual commodore64.

Heisenberg3080d ago

The way I see it, if MS brings out a new system while the PS3 is still running strong and nowhere near the end of its lifespan technologically, they've got an impossibly tough road ahead. To try to force a new generation, means people have to deal with the growing pains of a new system and the lack of games and developer support, all the while you've got a console in its prime at a great price and putting out top notch games AND it's well established, it's in a lot of homes already. It won't work.

Also MS has to ensure it will be equipped to compete with the eventual PS4 down the road, unless they wanna come out with two new consoles before the PS4. It was hard enough for the PS3 to gain momentum when the 360 had only a year head start, think about a new Xbox competing with a console that's in its 5th or 6th year and running strong... The odds would be heavily stacked against MS.

starchild3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

You're wrong. You are totally underestimating how much excitement new hardware brings. People eventually want to see the next step in game graphics and improved gameplay that more powerful hardware allows for.

The PS3 is about on par with the 360 and when the next Xbox comes out the PS3's graphics will look positively out dated.

I'm already itching for new hardware. I game on the PC and I love it, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like developers are really trying to push the PC anymore. I can't wait until the next consoles come out so we can get better anti-aliasing, better framerates, much higher resolution textures and shadow maps, better texture filtering and so on. Next gen games will blow current games away.

Heisenberg3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

To use your own words... You're wrong. If it were on par with the PS3 they wouldn't need a new system to compete.

Hitman07693080d ago

Yes please take your time and this time don't just focus on hardware, how about a system that doesn't take 3 years to become accepted by the gaming community. As a Launch PS3 owner I would like to see a much better launch for PS4 so that people don't feel as if the system is a toaster oven that plays Oblivion until games release... JUS SAYIN!

r1sh123080d ago

I like both my consoles but is obvious that MS and nintendo will have to do it.
The entire difference is blu ray.
Its simple. MS could have saved them selves had the put a blu ray disc drive in their xbox 360 Slim!!!!.
But they didnt.

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Hellsvacancy3081d ago

Ps3 is pretty much a PS4 anyway, its gonna b around 4 a while yet

The Meerkat3081d ago

If a Wii 2 or Xbox 720 come with 4gig of ram the PS3 will look very old very quickly.

theonlylolking3081d ago

I think M$ will have 1gb of ram or 2gb of ram and nintendo will have around 500mb.

Ju3081d ago

Wana see. When they launch and PS3 drops to sub $200 at the same time. Good luck with those 4GB.

jerethdagryphon3081d ago

having bucketloads of ram isnt needed in consoles

the ONLY reason pcs ship with huge ammounts is because of the top heavy oses they pack,

more ram enables you to have more things running not nessesarly more games data or graphics as its limited by the speed of the ram and the bandwith

4 gigs of ram in a console would be like doing flowerbeds with a back hoe

inefficiant but i do prefer the desk analogy

you have a desk, this represents the amount of ram say 2 square feet = 256 meg you can only open so many books in that space (no overlap)
however if the ram is faster your arms(the rams speed) and open and close books much faster then slower ram just opening them on a larger desk, so while a 4 foot desk may have more room 512 meg if its not fast enough the smaller ram still is more efficiant, now double that a few more times 8foot 1gig 16 foot 2 gig 32 foot of desk space for 4 gig of ram, if your opening files and such if its not an effeciant design you can waste time trudging across your huge desk to find the file you want.

ballence is needed in all pc and console specs,

ram isnt the end of it.
ps3s 256 of xdr ram is clocked at the same speed at the cpu 3.2ghz

360s 512 is clocked at 733mhz

The Lazy One3081d ago

Half agree half disagree.

You don't need bucket loads of ram, but there are a lot of new technologies where ram could be used to exponentially increase game quality.

Megatextures and their equivalent in game geometry for one. The more ram you have the higher quality the results for both of those will be.

Consoldtobots3080d ago

exactly spot on, I tried explaining the conceptual aspects to console development to the fanboys around here but most are too ignorant of the technology or software development to even understand what is being talked about. These are the same people that use terms like "3corezzz" "EDrammmm" "more rammmmm". I told them they are nothing but PC spec whores and they refuse to accept it. They're also the same genuises that can't even insult you correctly by saying "blind deaf and dumb" when it's ALWAYS been deaf, dumb and blind.

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evilmonkey5013081d ago

I doubt four gigs will go into the next consoles...more like A GIG. THATS LIKE A HUNDRED BUCKS IN JUST MEMORY AT CURRENT PRICES.

kr90913080d ago

Not when you are a huge international company buying them by the thousands.

jerethdagryphon3080d ago

but in general the attitude of folks it put lots of ram in

mega textures and higher poly models do require more ram but not by a huge amount engines can be made to be more effeciant in what they display

but good point

moparful993080d ago

Jere made a good correlation. Gobs of ram isn't the end all technology, it all boils down to how efficient your ram is. Ram is only so important on pc's due to the fact that the newer operating systems have such large "footprints" Thats where the overclocking of gpus comes in. They are essentially multiplying the amount of data the processor is capable of churnning through. While this generates enormous amounts of heat it allows more processes to occur using the same amount of ram.. It's all a game of give and take by the system and striking a balance. Another thing people fail to take into consideration is that the cell in the ps3 is capable of undertaking some of the graphical processing which thustly increases the amount of data that can be generated. Cpu's arent designed nor are they generally powerful enough to handle these kinds of calculations but sony intentionally designed the cell to do that. We have just scratched the surface of the ps3's potential and just like the ps2 before it the last few years of the ps3 will see games that we never thought were possible this generation.

r1sh123080d ago

its gonna outlast the ps2 cycle no doubt.
BLu ray is the saviour

ActionBastard3081d ago

I think 6th and 7th gen PS3 games will hold up just fine against Wii 2 or Xbox 720 games.

iistuii3081d ago

I don't care what console comes out next, but if it does 1080p as standard and has at least 8xAA then i'll buy it. Can't wait to get rid of those jaggie's once and for all.If you cant see them on this gen consoles,( and yes your PS3 has plenty of them too), then your kidding yourselves

callahan093081d ago

If you want to play games that look like, I dunno, the PC version of Bad Company 2 with all shaders, texture detail, and graphics maximized in native 1080p at a solid 60fps, with 8x anti-aliasing, 16x anisotropic filtering, and vertical synchronization, you'll spend 1500-2000 dollars on your rig. It will be a while before they can cram the tech capable of doing that into a console box for less than 500 dollars. And believe me, it won't be good enough to call next gen if all it can do is take the same graphics we're looking at now but smooth them out. It's not like we look at the "PS2 HD" revisions that are coming out for PS3 now as being entirely up to standard for graphics showcases. The next playstation and xbox are going to have to do all that smooth, silky, fast rendering (crazy AA, filtering, resolution, and framerate) while also pushing more detailed textures, more complex lighting and shading, more polygons, more complicated physics and AI instructions.

WhittO3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Not all PS3 games have jaggies actually, and there are new technologies to take care of AA using the SPU's of the PS3.

I don't know if you have played GOW3 or Uncharted 2, but I barely saw ANY jaggies at all.

Playing through Infamous for the first time, it is full of them, watching the new demo of Infamous 2 and it looks like they have 8 X AA along with higher-res textures and even better animations.

That just shows that as Devs continue to improve and enhance, the PS3 has alot of life left.

I think that Sony shouldn't release a console for another 3 years, any sooner and I don't think I would see enough improvement visually to upgrade.

LiquifiedArt3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

This generation like the others has proven one thing.

Sony has the games, technical prowess, variety and quality for long lasting gaming experiences. I won't jump the gun. Just like i waited for the ps3 this generation, i'll do the same next-generation.

Sony is all I need for gaming experiences.