EA and Bioware date Dragon Age 2 Debut Trailer

GamerZines writes:

Following today's announcement from EA and Bioware regarding the development of Dragon Age 2, the developer has also revealed the date in which you'll be able to catch your first glimpse of the title in action.

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Blacktric3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Haven't played the first one yet. I think I'll pick it up tomorrow since it's kind of dirt cheap now. Hopefully a Mass Effect 3 announcement will follow this.

chak_3079d ago

played when it came out, and sold it.

I'll wait a complete all dlc/addon/game sale on steam to replay it :)

iceman28853079d ago

I spent countless hours on that game. If you like fantasy style wRPG's you will probably love it.

I have easily logged 150+ hours into the game across the different play throughs.

Abriael3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Personally, I feel they should fix the first game before working on the sequel.

Dragon Age is so chocked full of bugs, issues and problems that it isn't even funny, many PC gamers can't even play the game (or the expansion) because of how much it randomly crashes on many rigs that are abundantly over the recommended specs. Since 1.3 I crash to desktop about once every 3-5 minutes, thing that's basically preventing me to play Awakenings. The official technical support forum is an absolute craptstorm.

In the end, I'm not surprised anymore, given on how they focused on nickel and dime-ing us with DLCs, and given that they've probably been working on the sequel for a long time, I wouldn't be surprised if patching the first game is handled by three interns in a basement.

As much as I love their games, Bioware has definitely steered towards a very unprofessional and low-quality route. I've been a very loyal Bioware fan since Baldur's, but with Dragon Age they simply demonstrated that they aren't the "kings" of RPGs anymore.

phantomexe3079d ago

They never were the kings of rpgs but alright... and you say urs has bugs? I plated mine and got all the dlc they gave me and the only time i really seen any bugs was after the ps3 firmware update which they fixed. Maybe you should just let pc gameing die as you can see there must be no money in it.

ThanatosDMC3078d ago

I have it on the PC and the PS3. The main bug is dex and cunning stat modifiers. The game is playable. Try it again and download the patch for the PC. See if it works this time around.

1.3 is fixed now. It wasnt compatible with the PS3's firmware. I never had problems with it on PC though... try reinstalling?

kingdavid3079d ago

"players will assume the role of one of the few who escaped the destruction of your home. Having been forced to fight for survival as a result of this, you must gather the deadliest of allies to tackle the ever-changing world, whilst amassing fame and fortune, to seal your place in history. "

Sounds like another generic bioware story

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Simon_Brezhnev3079d ago

Well i hope its a lot better then the 1st one.

Baka-akaB3079d ago

i enjoyed it , but even on pc i disliked the controls and AI , a miffled mix of baldur's gate era , and action games for the sae of consoles .

Anyway half of the greatness of the game came through modding , with a lots of things forgotten , bugged , or not done well enough by bioware .

I hope it wont be just DA 1.5 with a new story , but i have confidence in bioware thus far

kingdavid3079d ago

I expect there to at least be a more interactive convo system like with mass effect where your character at least talks.

jneul3079d ago

doesn't sound very inspired, dragon age 1 was not that good either, demon souls was so much better so i will skip dragon age 2

DarkSpawnClone3079d ago

idk about that i think dragon age had a better story but demon souls had better gameplay ..i think i enjoyed dragon age more then demon souls i play both games all the time.not saying demon souls sucks it just lacks story for both games.

iceman28853079d ago

Doesn't mean you have to hate on Dragon Age.

Dragon Age was/still is a blast.

I'd argue that Dragon Age and Demon Souls aren't really even in the same category of game and shouldn't even really be compared.

BillOreilly3079d ago

what? not that great? dragon age fuckin rocks i didnt like it at first but then came back to it and couldnt put it down

Myze3079d ago

Yeah, I really enjoyed the game. The storyline was good, as was the pacing, which is something most WRPGs do very poorly. The game wasn't perfect, but I had no major complaints with the game, except for all the DLC (but that's optional, after all).

I'm really looking forward to this, even if it is the same graphics/gameplay with a new story (although, of course, hoping for more than that).

DarkSpawnClone3079d ago

Dragon Age 2!!! HELLL YEAH!!!!!

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