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Chris3992996d ago

Kinda figured they were going to go that route.

StanLee2996d ago

I'm really kind of surprised at this announcement. Not that the sequel wasn't expected but it seems so soon. I hope it's more sequel than expansion.

heroicjanitor2996d ago

It better have decent graphics this time... The first one was downright ugly

2996d ago
Kahvipannu2996d ago

I played X0 version, and the game looked great, loved the visual style too.

hassi942995d ago

No they didn't butthead. No they didn't...

Hyrius2996d ago (Edited 2996d ago )

We need scans ! :p

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Darkfiber2996d ago

Cool. Hopefully this one wont insult you with nickel and dime DLC.

Chris3992996d ago

Get your change ready! :) The Feastday packs are the worst. At best crap like that should be free.

Kahvipannu2996d ago

I love the games Bioware does, but seriously, those were laughable, they should be free.. Hmm.. Maybe the evil EA made them ask money from those..

ThanatosDMC2995d ago

They at least give us a full game unlike other companies that take out a huge chunk of what was suppose to be on the disk all ready... damn, Assassins Creed 2... i loved the game, i hated what they did with the DLC.

NegativeCreepWA2995d ago

Your joking right its one of the only games to have substantial worthwhile DLC.

aaronisbla2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

i loved Dragon Age, one of my fav games when it came out, but substantial DLC is laughable at best. The price is pretty ridiculous for 1 hour extra gameplay

ThanatosDMC2995d ago

The Darkspawn Chronicles was disappointing but fun. The item DLCs sucks.

lastdual2996d ago

Art looks nice, but the DA:O art was awesome also, and it looked nothing at all like the gameplay. We need some actual screens.

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