3 New Official Heavenly Sword Wallpapers

Here are three cinematic wallpapers of Heavenly Sword - showing off the beautifully rendered faces within the game.

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DiLeCtioN3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

i hope they release them on the PSN store

EDIT:Desktop pic now lol

Rama262853791d ago

Can't you just stick them on a memory card/usb stick and put them on your PS3 hard drive and use them that way? Or even easier if you've set your computer and PS3 to share content.

Real Gambler3791d ago

Am I the only one using the PS3 web browser????

Here we go:

Open web browser.
Go to
select forums
Hey, HS wallpaper is a sticky, pretty much the first forum you'll see!
Put little arrow over picture
Use triangle, save picture.
Use XMB and go to photos
Select picture and say use as background.

See, easy, no other media, pc or anything else needed.

mighty_douche3791d ago

bubbles for you my friend, nice comment, do people forget the ps3 has a web browser? or do they just enjoy making things harder than they need to be!

Rythrine3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

I like that first pic of Nariko. She looks like a seductress. The angry guy in the background ruined it though lolz.

boi3791d ago

lol its true

damn Nariko mmmmmmm ahem anyways back to reality yea nice wallpapers

DiLeCtioN3791d ago

yh he did ruin it...hey dont you guys think hes the most detailed character in the game

Rythrine3791d ago

@Boi - I was in the same situation. My mind started playing tricks on me after seeing that Nariko pic lolz.

@dbzboy - I know right. He's very detailed. Even from the third pic he looks really detailed. Now, back to staring at Nariko lolz.

Juevani3791d ago

More wallpapers for my PS3, welcome ;0)

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The story is too old to be commented.