Silly season is here - best of console casemods too

E3 is over and Germany was loosing at World Cup semi final against Spain. What does that mean? Right! Silly season is here... A few new casemods werde found by videogameszone too

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Wizziokid2632d ago

I'm loving the transformers cube 360, that is awesome!

nix2632d ago

well... Spain did play very well and tamed the Germans. great mods btw!

hatchimatchi2632d ago

Those were awesome. The rainbow six vegas ps3 mod was really cool. I wish I knew how to do stuff like that, ha.

Chaostar2632d ago

I'm doing my fat PS3 up like Boba Fett, here's how it looks so far:

BYE2632d ago

It looks like a mess in Firefox. I've never seen this on ANY other website...

2632d ago
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