All Notable Releases For The PS3 In Q3 2010

Meodia lists the biggest games coming to the PS3 platform in Q3 2010. Is it a dry storm like last year? Or does it satisfy as well as Q2 and Q1 did?

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NSG3082d ago

A lot of great games, but not that many exclusives. Q4 and Q1 2011 should be monster packed though!

Socom 4 (hopefully my GOTY)
Dead Rising 2
Mafia 2
Fear 3
and Ruse on the PC.

At least it's not a dry storm! :)

ipwnall3082d ago

The exclusives are being saved for Q4. Nevertheless, it's a solid summer.

Cloudberry3082d ago

Only SOCOM 4.

Tight money as usual.

Inside_out3082d ago

WoW...Sony always crying about exclusives and " Only on PS3 " and then they have no games to play. Where would Sony be without the third party support??? M$ said third party support would be critical this again M$. With the exception of Halo and Gears, the multi-plats are killing the exclusives. M$ is gonna have a HUGE 2010.

Imperator3082d ago

What would you rather have? The best exclusives AND multiplats...or just multiplats? Your comment makes no sense. Yes, third party support is important, but 1st party is even better since it's actually a selling factor. The more exclusives a console has, the more unique it looks and thus more people will get it since it has all the best games and not just multiplats.

raztad3082d ago


I dont get your point. Look at Sony E3 conference and you will understand how important is third party support for Sony. AC:B, Mafia 2, Dead Space 2, MoH all of them multiplat games consumed a big chunk of the presser.

Sony first/second party studios are pushing boundaries and showing others what can be done on the PS3, but who can dismiss MW2, AC2, RDR and many other multiformat games?

"MS is gonna have a HUGE 2010" why? because the multiplats or because REACH? The same can be said about Sony with GT5 + multiplats.

Again I dont get your point.

TehCellDivision3082d ago


So, why isn't PS3 topping the Wii? Doesn't it have better exclusives?

TotalPS3Fanboy3082d ago

"So, why isn't PS3 topping the Wii? Doesn't it have better exclusives?"

So, why isn't the 360 topping the Wii? Doesn't it have better third party exclusives?

TehCellDivision3082d ago


Way to go, twisting my words to avoid the question. Everyone knows Xbox has crappy exclusives and 3rd party generic exlusives, yet, its on 2nd place. But PS3 has godlike exclusives, shouldn't it be on 1st place?

TotalPS3Fanboy3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

"Everyone knows Xbox has crappy exclusives and 3rd party generic exlusives..."

Yes. I agreed. Everybody agreed.

"...yet, its on 2nd place..."

Because it comes out 1 year before the PS3, hence, 1 year more worth of sells compare to the PS3. But even though the PS3 came out late, is selling at a faster rate than the 360, year to year.

"But PS3 has godlike exclusives, shouldn't it be on 1st place?"

It came out a year later. So it's catching up to that 1 year gap. And the godlike exclusives are helping, which is why the PS3 is selling at a faster rate than the 360.

Here's the chart:

Year 1
PS3: 1,232,323
360: 1,175,117

Year 2
PS3: 7,586,002
360: 6,726,182

Year 3
PS3: 9,835,903
360: 7,830,726

The godlike PS3 exclusives are helping PS3 narrow the 1 year head start that the 360 got.

Going by this data, you can clearly tell that if the 360 and the PS3 were released in the same year, the PS3 would have won easily.

Spenok3082d ago

Imperator said it for me. Exclusives are what sells people on consoles in the first place. Its not games you can get on any system. Why do you think so many people bought 360's? Halo is one good answer. Its very rare people choose to buy any specific console for a game they can get on either platform.

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FragGen3082d ago

Zipper used their free pass with me on MAG. So, SOCOM4 is no longer a day one for me. I'll wait for the reviews.

I'm still hopeful, though, one great advantage it has over MAG is that you won't need 256 people queued up just to play one game (in retrospect that was not such a great idea, Domination is unplayable in MAG 6mos after release).

Detroitnews3082d ago

Kind of a bad list of games. I'll save my money for GT5, LBP2 and Socom 4.

raztad3082d ago

MAFIA 2 looks promising.

PixelJunk Shooter is a very nice little game.

FragGen3082d ago

+1. Aside from SOCOM4, there's nothing even remotely interesting to me on that list.

As someone who usually gets a game on his B-day in early October, though, I have to tell you, it's like this every year. The super premium titles come out in mid to late October up until late November to hit the Christmas rush in Q4.

The Q3 titles are usually releases trying to get some quick sales in before the big guns get lit up in Q4.

NYC_Gamer3082d ago

only two games on that list catch my attention


Inane_Asylum3082d ago

LBP2 and New Vegas have my money...

tynam3082d ago

The only good games on that list are; Dead Rising 2 and Pixel Junk Shooter, Q4 will be the best ever with Gran Turismo 5 and LBP2!!!!!

ipwnall3082d ago

Lol, disagreed. There are many good games on the list, maybe even some sleeper hits.

tynam3082d ago

Im sure there are some other *good* games, but with all the games coming out in Q3 and Q4, i can only afford a few of them, so i'll just be getting the best ones which will be, GT5, LBP2, Dead Rising 2

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