Ex-Ensemble Devs Rejoin Microsoft

Ex:"Robot Entertainment, the development outfit formed from the ashes of axed studio Ensemble, is said to be teaming up with the very publisher that shut it down.Late in 2008 Microsoft axed Ensemble Studios, the decorated Age Of Empires and Halo Wars developer, in what was widely regarded as an unnecessary move. Though shocked, the staff moved on to form a number of splinter groups."

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Neco5123052d ago

Why would they go back? It's like crawling back to a cheating wife.. wth?

killyourfm3052d ago

This industry is getting pretty tough to compete in. Maybe it's more of a security blanket kind of thing.

CrAppleton3052d ago

True.. could very well be. but still.. crazy

CrAppleton3052d ago

Crazy.. I loved the story behind Halo Wars, I couldn't believe they were axed. Now they're going back??