Halo: Reach- Most Wanted DLC (RunDLC)

RunDLC posted a wish list of downloadable content for Halo: Reach. Requests include new skulls, new enemies in Firefight and a Master Chief side chapter.

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Wizziokid3080d ago

More character items would be awesome

SixZeroFour3080d ago

more characters? you are practically creating one

1. i would like

2. can already be done by bungie, they do that with halo 3 matchmaking (added grifball a long time ago as a new gametype (created by a user i believe)

3. could bring in the drones (hated them personally) or even bring in the flood cause firefight has nothing to do with the for other enemies, they cant really just create a new enemy just for the sake of having more things to shoot at (kinda pushing it with the skirmishers, but ill have to see their story in game and how they disappeared)

4. already expecting with forge mode, when playing with your friends, you kinda have endless amounts of maps, even to download from other users

5. adding new skulls dlc? not sure, but i know in firefight, you can basically customize your own skull effect..but DEFINITELY have them hidden in the campaign lvls and multiplayer maps for us to find

Buff10443080d ago

Definitely! Looking forward to what Bungie has in store for this game.

seij5553080d ago

Why would you wish for more DLC? Wish for the most features as possible at launch. God MS has got some people brainwashed.

LilSis3080d ago

now i can play halo 3.2!

roslindros3080d ago

This is ridiculous the game is not even out yet, for the love of god the full feature set has not been released yet and yet people already want "more" hey lets plan on giving more money to MS for dlc hurray... call me a purist but f that