FIFA 11 on PC will be next-gen at last

Ironhammers writes: Just when us PC gamers had all but given up hope for the PC version of EA Sport’s FIFA franchise, they’ve gone and announced that this year’s game will indeed feature a brand new, next-gen game engine that’s been in development for two years

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zootang3082d ago

Conslols will be creaming his pants!

Good for PC only owners.

Joule3082d ago

I can't wait for this game I hope its almost like an improvement from 09 to 10.

Conloles3082d ago

Indeed I am zootang Indeed I am!

3082d ago
BYE3082d ago

"finally bringing those top-class players to life with the stunning visuals we’ve seen on the consoles for a while."

I must have played different versions of Fifa 09 and 10...

They look ok but nowhere near stunning.

ironhammers3082d ago

considering the fact that the game's been based on like the '99 engine on the PC, they are stunning for us guys! :p

BYE3082d ago

Wow, that's really stupid from EA.

PirosThe4th3082d ago

oh well... i loved 2000 not 99... damn it!

Charmers3082d ago

wait a minute didn't EA say last year only 4% of PC gamers had a powerful enough computer to play the game at console quality ? You really couldn't make this crap up, first we had Lucasarts going "oh you need a $4000 PC to play Force Unleashed then a year later we get force unleashed. Now EA claiming we got a crappy PC version of Fifa because only 4% of PC gamers had a powerful enough computer now a year later we get a proper version of FIFA.

It is amazing that software developers haven't come to realise why PC gamers treat them with such disgust. It's simple they are lying morons with about as much professionalism as a 2 dollar whore.

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The story is too old to be commented.