The Making Of Road Rash

NowGamer looks back at the creation of EA's Mega Drive racing title Road Rash, including input from producer Carl Mey.

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Hellsvacancy3056d ago

Come on, i want a next gen Road Rash, full game or PSN (Xbl) title

fastrez3056d ago

Yep, long overdue mate! Get Criterion on the case!

thewrathman3056d ago

awesome game.oh the days when you would save up for the baddest bike around.then smack some1 around the head with a baton.

Double Toasted3056d ago

Nah, they should let Epic make it.

Wizziokid3056d ago

Road Rash HD xbla/psn please!

chasegarcia3056d ago

forget HD version. Make a new one.maybe for PS4/720 launch.

ElementX3056d ago

I loved RR. It was the only "racing" game I ever enjoyed. Maybe it was due to the weapons and fighting.

Syaz13056d ago

i'm surprised they haven't made a current-gen reboot of road rash. they have a lot of car centric games, but none motorbike games. too bad criterion is busy with nfs and burnout series, and slightly mad studios are likely to work on a sequel to nfs: shift, unless ea pulls another surprise and deliver nfs: underground 3.

i notice lot's of the good games ea makes doesn't get sequels like it should. i think dice should make black 2 with the bf: bc2 engine.

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The story is too old to be commented.