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Free: Crossfire Soundtrack

To celebrate the release of Crossfire, Radiangames is making the soundtrack for both Crossfire and JoyJoy available as a free download for a limited time. (CrossFire, Radiangames, Xbox 360)

Queasy  +   1753d ago
Free is always the best price
CrAppleton  +   1753d ago
Hell yeah! I'll check anything out that's free
killyourfm  +   1753d ago
That game looks SICK, and the soundtrack is definitely Shatter-inspired.
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CrAppleton  +   1753d ago
One of the best Indie games I've seen
Neco512  +   1753d ago
Decent music, AWESOME looking game
DaRockSays  +   1753d ago
Wow this looks like a regular XBLA game, I'm gonna have to try it out
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jaidek  +   1753d ago
It's Sometime in the Future...
The Ultimate Challenge...
( Drums )
You'll get caught up in the
( enter bass line )
You'll get up in the

Best. 80's. Commercial. Ever.
GodsHand  +   1753d ago
Yeah I remeber that commerical.

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netetrader30   1753d ago | Spam
edhe  +   1753d ago
Played it last night - instantly enjoyable. Shame it's 240 points as i didn't auto-buy it at that price. if i had a couch coop partner i'd've bought it straight away.
sadsads   1753d ago | Spam

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