The "official list": Worst games of 2010 so far

Website PCGH gathered the games that have been relased 2010 with the worst average review scores based on Metacritic data. Enclosed are PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. There are some real suprises in there.

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Cloudberry2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

I never play all of those games.

: l

Kerrby2756d ago

This is a horrible list.

Some of these games are $10 indie games with low budgets that are actually pretty good games (Greed).

The list is just PC games.

Elven62756d ago

Agreed, especially when going by MetaCritic ratings, if you honestly start with games in the 60s and claim they are the worst ever...

PS3Freak2756d ago

Starting in the sixties makes sense. This list is just for 2010, so they are not the worst ever.

StanLee2756d ago

Let's be honest, one of the year's biggest disappointments has to be APB. So much was expected of the game but it offers so little. What happened to all of Real Time World's grand promises? And this time, you can't blame the consoles for dumbing down what could have been a great PC title.

Foliage2756d ago

Wasn't APB the game that the little xBiebers were bragging about endlessly because they thought it was a 360 exclusive?

It's hard to keep track of 360 "games" since after all the hype, they never deliver and have no lasting appeal.

RockmanII72756d ago

Actually, APB is only on the PC.

pixelsword2756d ago

yeah, but it was originally going to be on the 360

Wizziokid2756d ago

I wouldn't say APB was one of the worst but never mind.

The rest of the list seems correct even though I've only heard about 4 of those games.

Rainstorm812756d ago

i thought this game had potential, sad to see that from realtime worlds.

Baka-akaB2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

i dunno , an action-mmo gta game with bad aiming and controls , unpolished and with subcriptions ? i'd call that pretty bad based on these aspects alone .

Plus it's there because of all the positive press around it . Wich is another great doing of "journalists" , various time they could try the game , and it's only now they discovery it's not good , after praising it's concept for at least 1 years and a half ?

IaMs122756d ago

Yah i thought it would be a monthly subscription but i really dont like that you pay hourly... well i mean it makes sense though in a way but i rather pay that money for unlimited or well limited (due to the limit of time a month can hold) of gameplay. Where you can blow away all your time in a week, but if you go monthly you can do it 4 times over.

I guess it all depends really how often you think you will play

Ace_Man_62756d ago

What about Naughty bEar? That got a 2.5 from IGN lol

NYC_Gamer2756d ago

yeah that should be added

PSfan092756d ago

i think that game didnt make its way to the PC (unfortunately). I sure didnt want it either lol

Spydr072756d ago

I think we as gamers should make a few lists. My suggestions:

Worst gaming websites
Gaming sites that sold out the most
Top Ten crap articles just for hits
Top six sites fanning the fanboy wars


ranmafandude2756d ago

n4g would be on fire if that happened lol.

Baka-akaB2756d ago

dont forget top ten clothes sales spam accounts . And a real article about weither or not their intrusive marketing actually works

Spydr072756d ago

Lol. Wow, that got me laughing more than I have at a comment in a while. Creative. Nice. +bubbles--funny.

They should allow it. I mean, a lot of these articles are just opinions that show up here anyway. I think the humor introduced by the Top ___ Lists with a twist could be a good thing for N4G. I mean, if nothing else, it should at least get some fanboys to agree on something for once.

BeaArthur2756d ago

That would be awesome. Except N4G would never allow it.

Forbidden_Darkness2756d ago

Make a list and i'll make it happen ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.
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