Why Red Dead Redemption doesn’t even come close to GTA

Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption was described as ‘GTA meets the Wild West’. And that it was, taking a very similar feel to GTA, Red Dead Redemption replaced vibrant cities with desert surroundings and sports cars with mules. The game received rave reviews including from MaxConsole, but upon reflection, this game doesn’t come close to what GTA offered in any shape or form and a big part of us were wishing we had a brand new GTA to play with rather than this.

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Wizziokid3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

I think you got this one the wrong way around...

"Why GTA doesn’t even come close to Red Dead Redemption"

Sure RDR didn't have as much to do since it was set in the past but I think the story, characters, gameplay, landscape, verity made up for it and the stunning visuals.

Oh and RDR multilayer is much better than GTA.

T9X693057d ago

Personally I found more things to do in RDR, than I could ever find in GTA IV.

I_find_it_funny3057d ago

In GTAIV I got stuck on Cops n Crooks, this mode is the best for me don't know why, hope R* will do it in next GTA. I still play it every few days.

Darkstorn3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

As a political science major, I was enthralled by GTA 4's social commentary. RDR was less analogous to real life, but there were still some sly political commentaries in the game's dialogue and especially the game's newspapers (where the results of your actions in the missions you complete are ultimately recorded).

From a gameplay standpoint, Red Dead Redemption is hands down the better game, but the narrative in RDR is that of a standard Western. GTA's story was about the struggles of life in the American inner city, and whether or not the American Dream is truly accessible for all (surprise: it's not).

Essentially, both games have some similar mechanics, but there are enough differences between them to conclude that they should not be compared in this way. Both RDR and GTA 4 are must-plays that offer very different experiences.

Ares84PS33057d ago

RDR is a much better game. I almost got a platinum trophy in it. Only one trophy away.

I played countless hours with RDR.

A few days ago I got GTA4 Episodes from Liberty City and when I tried it all I could think of is "Son, I'm dissapoint" :D

It's just terrible. Let alone the graphics but that whole games is pretty bad.

ThatArtGuy3057d ago

is much better than TLaD. The missions are much more varied and imaginative. Try that one if you haven't already.

BYE3057d ago

GTA feels like last gen compared to RDR.

EliteAssass1n3057d ago

GTA4 re-playability for me was much higher than RDR. To this day, i still play GTA4. I sold RDR a month after i bought it. Ya overall all the gameplay was better in RDR but i got rather bored of single player after i got 100% and multiplayer got old very quickly.

Ares84PS33057d ago

I get a lot of challenges from people and than we get into duels that could last for hours untill the other guy gives up! :D

I never give up even if I die more(which is a rare occasion :D )

LilSis3057d ago

tey is simolar u stupid...?

psman0123057d ago

I agree. MP in RDR was much more free, and easier, if you may. Sure, there may not be HUGE EXPLOSIONS or helicopters, but RDR was much more realistic and compelling than GTA IV.

Darkstorn3057d ago

Both games have their charm.

Cryptech3057d ago

Totally agree. I tried to go back and play GTAIV cuz I got the DLC and it was ruined. The graphics and the controls are so much better in RDR that I cant even play GTAIV anymore. Why have a burger when steak is so much better?

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Terarmzar3057d ago

Red dead Redemption is a good game and tried it at my friends house a couple of times but just didn't get the feel for it.
GTA: the only thing i liked doing in that was just driving

Nike3057d ago

"The game received rave reviews including from MaxConsole, but upon reflection, this game doesn’t come close to what GTA offered in any shape or form and a big part of us were wishing we had a brand new GTA to play with rather than this."

This is the problem. People review the game at first, under pressure or the glorious illusion of hype and give it wonderful scores. The publishers are happy and once the game has a good few weeks run, we get these articles talking about how, "Well, on second thought, it wasn't THAT great".

Doing a serious critique on a game is one thing but simply backtracking and saying how it's not that great after all (or not as great as another title)? Or even saying the same in a roundabout way like, "Well this is good and all, but on reflection, another iteration of X game would have been better"? A sad though common practice in gaming journalism these days.

Maybe it's just me, but I would never sacrifice an interesting, new and fun title for the sake of another iteration of my favourite franchise. For example: I'd rather have Okami than a new Zelda, The Last Guardian rather than another Shadow of the Colossus (though Team Ico's games all follow a certain mood and art direction, along with the innovation that is unique to each game, but a uniting factor amongst all of them), and certainly a Red Dead Redemption compared to another GTA.

Besides, it's Rockstar. You honestly think they're NOT gonna release another GTA? Seriously. Hell freezing over has better odds than the world not seeing another GTA.

BeaArthur3057d ago

It is possible to like both. I do.

spektical3057d ago

well to be fair GTA:SA is one best games of all time, so for RDR to even make a dent is pretty good.

As far as GTA4 goes, RDR beats it in every way.

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