Sony: PS3 is 'future-proofed for 3D'

TechRadar: Sony believes that people looking at what console to buy should take into consideration that the PlayStation 3 is 'futureproofed in terms of 3D'

Speaking at TechRadar at a John Lewis event, Sony's Mick Hocking, senior director at SCEE, is keen to get the message out that the PS3 is becoming 3D ready for free, so that anyone with the console and a 3D Ready TV can take advantage

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Darkstorn3079d ago

The PS3 does have considerably more longevity than the other consoles, but NOTHING is future proof.

deafwing3079d ago

the hardware will get old, like my ps1, and my ps2 ... but let's enjoy the ride while we can shall we :)

Mr Tretton3079d ago

Does that mean it's going to work with the glasses-free TVs?

I'm not spending a ton of money to wear glasses. Period.