NowGamer Preview: Warhammer 40,000 Dark Millennium Online

NowGamer preview of THQ and Vigil games forthcoming MMO, includes team interview.

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Wizziokid3083d ago

I preferred this time-line to the original Warhammer so lets hope they can make a decent mmo with it.

3083d ago
Cairnius3083d ago

I don't see how this gets 140 degrees of heat when the BoLS article on Dark Millennium, which actually had a little specific information about the game development, drew 30 degrees of heat. N4G makes no sense sometimes...

moe843082d ago

"N4G makes no sense"

Answering your own question ftw!

Darkfiber3083d ago

Ugh, nobody cares about Blizzard anymore, why does everyone keep compaing every game to WoW? There are tons of MMOs with way more players than WoW has. They've been touting that 11 million subscribers number forever, but I doubt they have more than 3 or 4 million at most right now. That's paltry compared to some Korean MMOs with 50 to 200 million players. WoW is a drop in the bucket, who gives a crap. That game is like 6 years old, get over it.

moe843082d ago

Another nub throwing numbers around w/o any proof. You say there are mmos with 50-200 million players... get to proving it, or don't make such accusations.
Regardless of the numbers Blizzard is getting with WoW, it's proven it's place time after time, year after year. And not one mmo has come close to it. Face it, in their "play regions" WoW is the king. As much as I like Blizzard(until recently) and WoW, it's time for a few mmos to knock the giant off it's perch.
But when mmos are pretty much failing at launch, and desperately revising their games within a year of launch... WoW isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. With all of it's problems, the players still flock in droves. And with Cata around the corner, WoW is going to see a spike in sales and players.
Simple fact.

Besides, even if they do only have 3-4 million active players, that's still more than most mmos have at their peak. Blizzards player base increases and decreases with each content patch and expansion. If there were more popular and bigger mmos out there... we'd hear more about them. The only one I've ever seen with a player base to beat WoW, was Second Life. And that's an mmo of a completely different caliber.

moe843082d ago

Yeah, hopefully this game does better than WAR. An mmo that failed no so many levels.
The 40k universe seems to have a better story behind it. Along with a much larger fan base, this mmo should do quite well.. at launch anyway. Time will tell how it does in the long run.
But with Tera Online, Blade and Soul and this on the horizon.... the 2011 mmo race should be a good one.

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