Survey provides hints on the new Back to the Future game

Ian Fisher writes: Last month the video game community was abuzz with the word that acclaimed adventure game developer Telltale Games was developing a game based on the classic “Back to the Future” franchise. While we didn’t get any info on the project via E3, we now have an ideal of what time travelling adventures Telltale is cooking up thanks to a survey.

Posted on Telltale’s blog, the survey starts off asking simple questions like which installment of BTTF is your favorite and which elements of the film stood out the most. But then it delves into some interesting subjects such as which era’s in time players would be interested in visiting. With the options ranging from the 1920s, the near future and the far future, Marty McFly and friends could be traveling to some unique moments in time.

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zootang3083d ago

I would like this and Gremlins!

Jamegohanssj53083d ago

Vice City and BTTF in one day? Someone must really love me.


Alcohog3083d ago

I would rather them just follow the events of the movies. Do not want a spinoff.

greeneggsnsam3083d ago

I dunno, it wouldnt be able to recapture the movies. A seperate story would allow creative freedom, well more of it anyway.