Sony: 3D Will Make Good Gamers Better

3D games will not only make good gamers even better, but will also make certain games far more accessible to a whole new audience, according to Sony.

Sony is pushing 3D on its PlayStation console hard, with the recent rollout of firmware that supports 3D gaming bringing critical praise, and another upgrade bringing support for 3D Blu-ray scheduled for 'later this year'.

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thorstein3082d ago

I think the problem right now with 3D is that most people think of it as a gimmicky jump off the screen at you technology. I thought that too. Then I took my kids to see Up in 3D.

Blew my mind. 3D is the new HD. It was just another layer of beautiful definition. It can still "jump" out at you, but that isn't wanted or needed.

garos823082d ago

before i can pass my judgement.
ive seen wipeout hd and pacific drift displayed in 3d at the Sony store. i was impressed with the visual side of things however i really need to try it out before i can formulate a legit opinion.

as things stand i like what i see but will it really add to the game? well i have no doubt sony will not treat this as a gimmick so it will be cool to see what happens. Same goes for move, i cant wait to test drive it before i consider getting it