Kinect 'no different to Wii' - Square Enix

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has claimed that Microsoft's Kinect is "no different to Wii" - in terms of the audience the platform holder is trying to attract with the device.

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Hyrius3052d ago

Which is not a compliment.

MariaHelFutura3052d ago

The Move is more an advancement of the Wii, Kinetic is more like the Eyetoy.

thewrathman3052d ago

more chance of them getting the wii crowd than sony has with MOVE.

Chubear3052d ago

Sad to see how SE has now become MSs do-boy

sikbeta3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )


So, you're accepting this and want to support kinect cos it has a "possibility" [Slightly/ Minimal in reality] to get the wii crowd, you're basically supporting Shovelware Gaming in your Console of Choice, just to see if there is at least a Minor probability for MS to get Money from the wii crowd?, because, lets be real here, MS can't focus on 2 sides at the same time without First Party Devs and by Relying on Third Party Devs, everything will end up with Loads of Shovelware Gaming

KingME3052d ago (Edited 3052d ago )

out of all the lame comments above, you only saw a need to challenge the wrathman's comment? sigh...

Anyone feel a need to comment on how misleading the lame ass title is?

I think a better more interesting title would have been:

Square Enix: Technology Announced By Big Three, Not The Most Essential Parts Of The Console Technology.

But then again that title wouldn't draw the anti-Microsoft slant required for N4G.

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RememberThe3573052d ago

They're on that good shit over there. lol

But he is right. MS is putting out Kinect to attract the Wii demographic.

rezzah3052d ago

Exactly, with casual games as the main type of games for the Kinect, its obvious that MS is going after NIntendo instead of Sony with this one.

Imperator3052d ago

Well, they're both last gen hardware.

qface643052d ago

i honestly can't tell if that's supposed to be a compliment or an insult

Alos883052d ago

I agree that it's being marketed to the same audience, but I see it as being a critical misstep as a concept- how many people are going to enjoy having to constantly move about whilst playing? And for how long? These are the questions whose answers will make or break the Kinnect.

lonix3052d ago

With kinect are dancing games

Possibly highschool musical the computer game
And m$ will lose all of their core gamers

wicked3052d ago

Why, does pluging in the Kinect stop the controler from working? ;)

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