Sony: Core gamers our No.1 priority

"We've always believed that whatever it is we're doing, it's something that appeals to our core gaming audience first and foremost," SCE worldwide boss Kaz Hirai told The Telegraph.

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piroh2962d ago

you can play core as well as casual games on your PlayStation 3

it only does everything

nix2962d ago

i love you too, Sony!

Bobbykotickrulesz2962d ago

"Sony: Core gamers our No.1 priority"

As if we had any doubts.

Serg2962d ago

@Major Jack Hoff

I know right? 16 years of top notch hardcore entertainment on Sony platforms and people still question Sony. 16 years, that's two thirds of my life, it's more than the average age of the mint-green demographic.

zootang2962d ago


I never looked at it like that, thanks. Here is a quote to some it up!

"The further backward you look, the further forward you can see"
Winston Churchill

sikbeta2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Yeah!!! Thanks So Much Sony for Not abondon us, The Real Gamers like some Other Companies are doing, That's Why WE Always Support you...

Danja2962d ago

well you know the saying dont bite the hand s that feeds you in this case Sony should stay loyal it the core gamers helped them wither the storm of the first 2 years of the PS3 on the market

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captain-obvious2962d ago

"Sony: Core gamers our No.1 priority"

thank god

Rainstorm812962d ago

Good to hear there one company that wont completely whore them selves out to the casuals.

Core Gamers/Games should be every gaming companies 1st priority.

Dramscus2962d ago

Bubbles up. Nobody could have said it better

T9X692962d ago

Microsoft may be using Justin Bieber to promote Kinect, but my god you Sony fanboys sound like the little tween girls at the Justin Biebers concerts. OMG we <3 Sony, Ahhhhh We love you so much. Give me a freakin break, pathetic.

tinybigman2962d ago

Must mean they are doing something right. Your jealousy is overwhelming.

What's the matter M$ not doing giving you proper core games or something?

I guess its ok for someone like you to praise Microgreed while sony fans can't do the same.

klado2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

T9, we clearly know you love microsoft, love to troll and defend Xbox because you like it, now the question, if it is that pathetic, if it is that bothersome for you and whoever disagree, why or, the heck of why do you give any importance? does it matter to you what they think about a company that deliver what they want? NO, but, for them and whoever can see themselves liking there quotes, that microsoft doesn't asure the same for you doesn't take them the chance of.

You sir sound instead like these rabid fanboys who love to give a damn just for the sake of (double standard troll detected), and your kind is tiring some, GIVE US A BREAK of your ignorance, wanna be respected, respect others opinion, if you don't know how, just cut your fingers then shut up.

Keep them coming sony, hoping microsoft deliver too.

sikbeta2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Oh Guys you see the Irony there, he's talking about how Sony Fans are reacting for this, this article is actually stating that Real Gamers are the Major Priority for Sony, while he, by supporting the new casual-"trend" of his console manufacturer, will end up playing the Justin-Beaver-just-Dance Game on his console of choice, Unbelievable...

TotalPS3Fanboy2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

The difference is that we go crazy for Sony because of the Triple A exclusives.

Meanwhile, you go crazy for Justin Bieber, and not in a straight way.

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scofios2962d ago

microsoft: screwing people our No.1 priority .

Darkstorn2961d ago

Sony is still a corporation. Don't be fooled by their PR.

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Unbiased12962d ago

Live in your world play in ours, play B3yond.

edhe2962d ago

It's such a stupid catchphrase.

CountDracula2962d ago ShowReplies(5)
krisprolls2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

True, no Kinect / Wii shovelware bullshit. Even PS Move supports a lot of core games.

Thanks Sony.

SaiyanFury2962d ago

Actually as an RPG lover, Sorcery kind of appealed to me as a core gamer. Thanks Sony, keep em coming.