inFamous 2 Interview: Nate Fox & Mathias Lorenz

Everything you ever wanted to know about inFamous 2, but were too afraid to ask. We face the fear and ask anyway.

NowGamer's sister magazine, PLAY, sits down with Sucker Punch Productions' Nate Fox & Mathias Lorenz...

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Blacktric2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

I hate it when websites put fake CGI screenshots...


ranmafandude2994d ago

all these fake cgi screenshots is confusing my brain lol


jimmins2994d ago

A site can only put up what the publisher supplies them. It's not the site that's at fault in the case of bullshots, it's the publisher.

Blacktric2994d ago

2 disagrees? Lmao can't you understand a sarcastic statment when you see one. And even someone replied thinking it was real without seeing that /s at the end.

shadow27972994d ago

"One of the big differences in trying to make the game more personal and alive is that we wanted to make full on mo-capped cut scenes like you see in a lot of awesome games these days that bring you in with great cinematography. That meant we had to find an actor who could do both the voice and the motion and the emotion to carry Cole. The guy we had from the first game was a voice over actor and we needed to have someone who had the full package, so we recast him with this actor called Eric Layton who really embodies Cole McGrath. We actually had to change up the model a little bit to reflect what he brought as a performer. We wanted to capture the nuance of what he could do."

-- And there it is, a perfectly simple explanation for the complete character overhaul. Why didn't they just say that in the first place? Skip all the BS about him being more accessible, the simple truth is that the old Cole couldn't act. Looks like they're going the Uncharted 2 route of recording voices and doing mo-cap at the same time. That's awesome and I'm glad to see more developers doing it, even if it means a lack of continuity between the two games.

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sorceror1712994d ago

The control scheme was simply elegant in Infamous. Every power available at all times, no menus or mode-shifts or whatever. Adding more powers might complicate things too much.

But that's my only major worry.

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