inFamous Studio: 'We Enjoy Being 1st Party'

NowGamer's sister publication Play talks to inFamous 2 dev Sucker Punch about the advantages of being a Sony first-party studio, and how it helped them get the best out of the team for the sequel.

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Newtype2962d ago

they plan on being bought into the PS Family. Along side Media Molecule.

fastrez2962d ago

That could be very interesting, given they'd have untapped resources and financing. Good idea!

LukaX232962d ago

I like how they dumbed-down the title for all the noobs and trolls on N4G.

From Sucker Punch: 'We Enjoy Being 1st Party' to inFamous Studio: 'We Enjoy Being 1st Party'.

Oh what a world we live in.

CountDracula2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )


How about giving the Xbox 360 some love?

I mean we gave you Bungie (sort of).

Quagmire2962d ago

bungie hasnt given 'us' squat as of yet.

BYE2962d ago

You got Insomniac for Bungie.

If you want Sucker Punch, give us...let's see...damn what else is there?

Dramscus2962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

Nope. That's ok.
Rare hasn't made a good game since the N64, Lionhead hasn't made anything great since black and white 2 (Im not a fable fan, it's not a bad game its just kinda ho hum)
343 hasn't made anything yet and their going to be working on halo right. Yeah totally don't want a cartoon shooter to play. Also their unproven.

RememberThe3572962d ago

In fairness MS owns those devs.

Also, Insomniac is supposedly still working on their previous franchises, and Bungie is about the wash it's hands of Halo.

Elimin82961d ago (Edited 2961d ago )

LMAO... Can't think of any other devs?

@ Dramscus ... You just made it worsts.. lol.

Despite all the fighting here on N4G, I sure love that you guys give good laughs...

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mastiffchild2962d ago

Well, Remedy are in a similar position with MS to SP with Sony this gen so far-thing is don't people LIKE exclusives any more? Exclusives have REALLY worked well for both sides and I've enjoyed Gears and Uncharted games massively as they manage to eek out more by being fuly focussed on just one platform.

SP do actually sound like they want to be more like ND atm, though, so if inFAMOUS2 is amazing expecting to see a Sony purchase might not be out of the question.

Equinoxe_72962d ago

Then give us Mass Effect 1-2 :)

Snakefist302962d ago (Edited 2962d ago )

How A Abut EPIC Studio's Gears Of Wars

Sugreev20012962d ago

As much as I loved Rare as a kid,they haven't given us a single decent game since the N64.

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Dipso2962d ago

My god they are raping this article for every little ounce of information. They may as well post the entire magazine interview on their site, sorry that wouldn't be conducive to scoring hits though would it.

Spydr072962d ago

Me like Sucker Punch. Me like see more game from Suckers Punches. Make me more games, prz.

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The story is too old to be commented.